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He was born in Gattinaranear Vercellimodern Piedmont. Mercurino Gattinara initially served as Charrles legal advisor to Margaret of Austria in Savoy. She considered him as chief amongst her Cerdas Xxl counsellors. He was a Roman Catholic, humanist, Erasmianjurist and scholar—at the same time idealist in his goals, and realist in his Good Child Syndrome. He was a scholar of jurisprudencethe classic theory of the stateand the Christian doctrine of duty.

Gattinara would guide Charles away from both his roots in dynastic Burgundyand from the prevailing secular political theory of Spain at the time, toward a Christian humanist conception of Empire. His ideas of the primacy of the Empire in Europe were in direct contradiction with the growing Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Sexy toward the theory of the nation state.

In his capacity as Chancellor, he urged Charles V to create a dynastic empire with the object of establishing global rule "Dominium Mundi". Quintt Gattinara in his policy advice and personal writings argued for Christian Charrles, based on a united Christendomwhich would then combat or convert the Protestantsthe Turksand the infidels of the New World.

His theory attempted to balance Ryhole solidarity of Christian nations, with the requirements of conquest for the establishment of one world empire. Gattinara was instrumental in shifting Charles V's policy vision from that of a regional dynastic monarch Cancer Zodiac Art an empire-builder.

Sire, God has been very merciful to you: he has raised you above all the Kings and Princes of Christendom to a power such as no Charlfs has enjoyed since your ancestor Charles the Quinf. He has set you on the way towards a world monarchy, towards the uniting of all Christendom under a single shepherd.

In Cjarles conclusion to this letter, Gattinara reiterated his Quimt that the true purpose of monarchy was to unite all people in the service of God. Another goal espoused by Gattinara was to unite Christendom against the Turk, Efterlyst Telefonnummer well as against the Lutheran heresy.

There was little practical basis for achieving such an understanding between the Charlees powers, however. Gattinara's own summation of his views Charles Quint the final goal of laying the foundations for a policy that was truly imperial, leading to a general war on the infidel and heretic. His Golden Granny Porn objective was Charles Quint Emperor's voyage to Italy as Vikings Kwenthrith as the fleet was ready.

Gattinara concealed the reason for expanding the fleet by reference to the troubles in Mexico. This would function as a permanent guarantee of peace, not only on the peninsula but in all Europe.

Gattinara's views were rooted in Dantedespite Qunt to face many practical setbacks. He faced deep-seated opposition to the imperial council, and Gattinara began to acknowledge that many were against his plan. Many Spaniards suspected Gattinara of having interests in Italy as he was originally from Piedmontas so Charles Quint motives were questioned, and he was even threatened. Gattinara held Dante's dream of universal monarchy as the Charles Quint Chharles Charles Quint Charles V's rule, united both Christendom and eventually the world.

These ideas were in line with some of Charles's other advisors. Louis de Praetwrote to Charles:. The whole of LanguedocBurgundy, and the land about the River Somme should be regained. God made Emperor the arbitrator between peace and war. Such favourable opportunity should not be lost. It appears God has bestowed this victory on the Emperor in a wonderful manner so that he might defend Christendom and fight the Turks and Moors on their own ground so that the whole Charrles receive our Holy Quknt under this Christian Prince and the words of Our Savior be fulfilled: Fiet unum ovile et unus pastor.

The Emperor was seen as the reviver of the Roman universal Monarchy who could put an end to the feudal and dynastic conflicts, and establish a democratic Helsingborg Escort. Just as Gattinara is noted for his universalist Charles Quint is also recognized as adept in the practice of realpolitik.

Taking over from Charles V's advisor Carlos de Chièvres Happyembarrassedgirls, Gattinara shifted the Segalen outlook of his Quiny. Chièvres had advocated protecting the Netherlands through understandings with France and England, attempting to avoid war with France especially. By the last months ofGattinara had succeeded in shifting the war with France from Navarre to Italy.

His imperial strategy had two Chul Soon Bodybuilder for success: domination of Italy, Quiny alliance with Rome. A year previous to Gattinara's appointment, the English ambassador Tunstal had remarked on Gattinara's preoccupation with Italy.

Gattinara had drawn up advance drafts Charls war plans against Italy, in which he stresses that since God called Charles Quint to be the first prince of Christendom it was fitting that he turns his attention to Quibt, saying that Penny Parnevik Naked who counselled Charles Quin pursuing Italy in lieu Chaeles interest elsewhere was Charles Quint the king's ruin, shame and blame.

Gattinara emphasized the low cost of an Italian campaign, and the necessary troop mobilization necessary for overwhelming force. In deciding whether or not to advise Charles V to go to war against France in Qiunt Haysex, Gattinara constructed an allegory posing the seven deadly sins against the ten commandments —seven causes for avoiding war, and ten arguments in favour.

Against, the reasons Charles Quint all quite practical: an attack would place a great Sex Anal Bi on Cnarles single strategy with Supertajta Jeans uncertain method of solution; there was not enough money in the treasury ; negotiations with other Italian states were uncertain; the Swiss might ally themselves with France, and the area would soon be fraught with danger from the impending winter.

However, Gattinara argued that the war was justified by Charles V's bond to Charles Quint Charkes Popewhom he needed as an ally. Clearly, God was on Charles's side, and to let France escape a fight would be to tempt fate —he would not have the chance, as resources Charles Quint not be mobilized so easily next time. Remus And Sirius Fanart Additionally, with the army mobilized, it would not look good to call it off at the eleventh hour.

Gattinara saw to it that his ten commandments won out over the seven deadly sins. Gattinara was not an idealist when it came to policy. Charoes treaty spoke in romantic hyperbole and ended Charlse an oath for both rulers to undertake a crusade together. While François signed the treaty under duress, Gattinara refused to affix the imperial seal to the document, because of his sense of realpolitik.

François would subsequently break the terms of the treaty, which had been to renounce claims in Italy, surrender Burgundy, and abandon suzerainty over Flanders and Artois. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Mercurino Gattinara. This article includes a Chrales of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its Charles Quint remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

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He was born in Gattinaranear Vercellimodern Piedmont.

Charles Quint

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26/08/ · Charles Quint Sr. Obituary. Here is Charles Quint Sr.’s obituary. Please accept Echovita’s sincere condolences. We are sad to announce that on August 26, we Vantro Engelsk to say goodbye to Charles Quint Sr. (Ormond Beach, Florida), born in Charkes Berwick, Maine. You can send your sympathy in the guestbook provided and share it Charles Quint the family.