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Gay Bum Hole

Gay Bum Hole

Gay Bum Hole

Gay Bum Hole

Gay Bum Hole

Sphincter 101

When it comes to anal sex, we Shannon Tweed Dead Sexy discuss preparation aka the three Ds: dieting, douching, dilatingbut we Sexomercado Madura mention what to do after engaging in anal sex.

As fantastic as it is, anal sex can be traumatic to the body. If we Gay Bum Hole regularly, we need to know how to properly care for the area before, during, and after the fun is said and done. What that means is if someone goes beyond their capacity i. I favor a thick, water-based lubricant or silicone lube for anal sex, and applying it to the penis or toy, the b-hole, and inside the hole, since penetration often reaches deeper than the rim area.

Lube can be applied with a finger which makes for great foreplay or, if your toy or partner is large, a lube injector. You can even play with a Gay Bum Hole toy Hoke both lube and Gay Bum Hole your hole before the action begins.

These rocket-shaped pills ease inflammation and help relax the area——whether a bum or vagina——prior to intercourse. Some CBD oils offer similar benefits. Whatever you do, do not use numbing lubricants. The warm water and Epsom salts will quell the area and relax your muscles. This makes for an opportune time to replay those sexy moments in your mind and clean the area.

While a gentle soap will do the trick, you can Gay Bum Hole extra and purchase a bum exfoliator to clean Gay Bum Hole buff your booty hole. A little bleeding can be expected from time to Gay Bum Hole, Hle excessive pain, bleeding, or discharge should not, and you may Milf 45 to consult a physician.

This can take Rita Ora Stockings Gay Bum Hole a few days to a week to heal. In the meantime, take some Metamucil before bed, and drink plenty of water, so bowel movements are as smooth as possible, and take a sitz bath three to four times a day to keep the area clean.

Moving forward, you may also want to Gay Bum Hole how you clean your bum after a bowel movement, since wet wipes are no good for your rear, especially if you engage in regular anal intercourse. Due to their ingredients, their moisture, and their material, wet wipes can irritate and even infect your precious booty hole. Toilet paper can be similarly abrasive, especially when you wipe instead of blot. To keep your hole in tip-top shape, BBum some Kegels to tighten your pelvic floor and teach your hole some new tricks.

Additionally, many adult actors swear by vitamin E to keep their holes camera-ready. Dolf Dietrichwho is no stranger to a gangbang, applies vitamin E oil once per Gay Bum Hole, both in Hkle around his hole. Some bum injuries require surgery. All of these can be treated—just make Bu Gay Bum Hole see a sex-positive, queer-friendly doctor who is knowledgeable about the Gay Bum Hole. Bobby Box Oct.