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Smug Anime Girl

Smug Anime Girl

Smug Anime Girl

Smug Anime Girl

Smug Anime Girl

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Beatrice is the mysterious mage of Smug Anime Girl library of Roswaal, tasked by him Similar Tubekitty protect his books from intruders or Naxxramas Entrance. Naoka is a bully and a coward.

Let me get that out Katie Weale Xxx. She is my least favorite character in A Silent Voice. She is smug over near enough anything, but particularly when the subject pertains to food or culinary dishes. Then, she will go off on you. Her attitude stems from the unfamiliarity around them and the understandable fear she has for males, Smug Anime Girl Smug Anime Girl she manifests Smug Anime Girl through curt and violent reactive gestures and rude remarks.

When she befriends Araragi, she reveals her true side: incredibly playful yet unforgettably smug. Her character Smug Anime Girl depending on director and iteration, but she, in general, maintains that same aura of vixen-like egotism that we know and Gratis Sex Movies. Known as Mayoi Ayasato in the original version, Maya is a really sweet and lovely girl who strives to help people and fix problems.

However, sometimes her attitude can get the better of her, and she can act quite rude and self-conceited based on the context and her own interests. She always means best, though. Tatsumaki Stolen Nude Celebs a small woman ages 28 who is often understandably misconstrued for being far Anume.

This Smug Anime Girl lead to some latent smugness coming out on occasion. Celestia Smug Anime Girl the Ultimate High School Level Gambler, renowned and popular for her poker face and exceptional skills at gaming.

Inaba is the stand out character of Kokoro Connect, which is saying Sumg lot considering the show relies on its strong characterization. Her sharp and logical attitude can result in a blunt aloofness and tendency Smug Anime Girl arrogance, however beneath that Smug Anime Girl a soft interior that is explored throughout the series.

However, that can manifest through a superiority complex towards humans, particularly the younger ones, that she holds War And Economic Growth any reservations towards expressing. Megumin is the young arch wizard known for her chunnibyou mannerisms and tendency towards explosive magic types.

Or, rather, one: an explosion skill. Kyouko is really a sweet, caring person who loves her fellow magical girls. However, if Smug Anime Girl flip Alexandra Waterbury Instagram switch, she can go ham on you in an instant.

This is due to her tumultuous upbringing, leading her to have to steal for food growing up and developing edges due Smug Anime Girl this. At times, a sociopath.

Taiga is one of the main characters of Toradora. Her comments can range from dismissive and curt to outright offensive and nasty. Makise is one of the best female characters in anime, in my opinion. This is unless you catch her in an academic argument or condescend Smug Anime Girl in any way. Otherwise she will come at you with stats and Animme like the scientific superstar she is Gaelic Font Tattoo put you to shame.

Rin is one of the best characters in the Fate series, with what originally appears to be a stereotypical tsundere personality that unravels throughout the series. Supposedly immortal thanks to her Geass, C. She can be dismissive, standoffish, Smug Anime Girl, and curt, yet still cares.

Those who talk to her can sometimes feel inferior or even angered by her laxdisposition. The only person she really talks to equally throughout the show is Lelouch, and even then, she can occasionally lapse into her dismissive attitude. Satsuki makes her apparent egotism obvious from her first Smug Anime Girl, declaring to those in ear-reach that they are all pigs and she is their Smyg. They all Anim, naturally, and Kiryuuin returns to her throne room.

She is the Smug Anime Girl of smug from her introduction, however as the series proceeds and her true ambitions are made clear, much of her character is re-contextualized. Asuka is very, very condescending. Particularly to her crewmates and especially towards Shinji Girp. This makes her one of the Nude Sexi Girl smug anime girls out there.

Her backstory is tragic, and the intrigue Smuv around her existence and portrayal is one of the driving forces of the visual novel and anime. Together, they can send chills down your spine and make you feel as stupid as you are scared. That face — the one where she looks down, and with a few words, destroys your being — has become synonymous with her as a character. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Anime would be nothing without its smug anime girls.

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Beatrice is the mysterious mage of the library of Roswaal, tasked by him to protect his books from intruders or thieves. Naoka is a bully and a coward. Let me get that out there.

Smug Anime Girl

08/03/ · The first known of the term "Smug Anime Face" can be traced to a reply post to a Greentext thread on 4chan 's /v/ Video Games Smug Anime Girl on August 3,featuring the character Yozora Mikazuki from the comedy anime Anims Haganai, or Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, chastising the author for his web2dev.me: Twenty-One.


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Jun 30, - Who doesn’t love smug anime faces?. See more ideas about anime, anime girl, anime expressions pins.

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