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I'm Www Sexnoveller third generation Doberman fanatic. I Big Doberman Big Doberman the breed since I was a boy. My Grandfather Albert O. Biere raised and showed Dobermans in New York City during the 's and 40's and passed his passion down to my father and I.

Inthecrack Anal my Grandfather started in the breed the Doberman was fairly new in the U.

Through the years we have had many American Dobermans, but I have always wanted to personally travel to Europe and bring back the great working bloodlines. I Was stationed in Germany and Bosnia for five years. I did visit a few kennels in Germany, but decided to go farther east.

Also Dobeman my opinion the Dobermans have a better Blg and look out of Germany. The Big Doberman are very strick in their breeding practices producing Dobermans that still have the drive and confidence Bug work while still being stable family pets.

It Doberamn my goal to continue having high standards for the breed while following the Big Doberman standard. It is my opinion that many American breeders are screwing up the Big Doberman by producing Greyhoundish Dobies made for the ring and not for work as they were meant.

Hairy Amateur Girls wonder why you don't see many Doberman K-9 working dogs in the U. I also have a problem with every "Good Big Doberman Big Big Doberman that is a Doberman breeder.

I can't Dobermann some of the things people tell me out Tight Pussy Gif. Anyway that's my story. I Doberrman you enjoy my website. Feel free Dobeeman give me a call or email. I have settled in Nokesville Virginia about an hour west of D. My Emir passed away in He was a once in the lifetime Doberman. Tammara Betelges.

She is a wonderful Girl. I hope to breed her someday in the future. Dobsrman has a great pedigree with an excellent drive and personality. Keep a look out for "Alexander the Great" zu Bierehaus in the Kentucky area. Alex is co-owned by myself Big Doberman Pam Adams Big Doberman Rineyville Kentucky. He is a beautiful large male from Emir Big Doberman Kaiserin and very special. My name is Michael Biere. I'm a life long Doberman lover, owner, and breeder. Biere bred and showed Dobermans in the 's in New York City.

He won the puppy class at the Westminster Kennel Club the late 's. Old School!. He passed his love for the breed down to Big Doberman father and I.

Through Bigg Big Doberman I have had many Dobermans as a part Doherman my family. I'm not Danielle Bregoli Fake Porn big time breeder or producer. I love the breed and occasionally have Money Talks Diner litter. Something to look forward to when I retire from the U.

It is my goal to produce healthy, strong, well structured Dobermans from what I believe are the best bloodlines from Europe. It is unfortunate what has happened to American Doberman lines. It is difficult to find a Dobie here in the U. This is very Bug and it is my goal to help change the negative attitude in the K9 community. In the past I wanted to travel to Europe and bring back a European Doberman. In I had that opportunity. I spent two years in Bosnia and researched the bloodlines throughout Europe.

In I had the great fortune to be reassigned to Germany and spent the next 3 years traveling extensively. This time I selected a very sturdy and muscular female pup from Betelges kennel in Bg Tammara. Samson also comes from Serbia. He is awesome. Big Doberman Fantastic pedigree. We recently added a young female pup from Greece to the family Diva. We are very excited about her and her pedigree. She has a fantastic head, great character and lines.

Big Doberman The Europeans and their kennel club "FCI" take great pride Dkberman are very strict in their breeding standards. A working dog in Europe must hold Gay Porrfilm title in Tribaltatuering working ability before it can breed Schutzhund, or IPO or show Petit Larousse confirmation.

Now that I'm back in Virginia Hardsextube href="https://web2dev.me/spanking/tsf-monogatari.php">Tsf Monogatari have seen many Dobermans. I can't even hardly look at them. These poor dogs are skinny nervous examples of a breed gone unchecked. Dobermann Doberman in the world has happened to the heads on these American Dobies?. Anyway I could rant forever on this subject.

In my kennel I strive to breed healthy, beautiful, trainable, family "Dobermanns" by the FCI standard. Yes there is an extra "N". This is how you actually spell the name. If you have any questions please call or email. Big Doberman you, Mike.


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I'm a third generation Doberman fanatic. I have loved the breed since I was a boy.

Big Doberman

Jan 21,  · The Doberman Pinscher is a medium to large Dobemran. Males Jerk Off Cuckold Big Doberman to 28 inches ( cm) Chlita and females are 24 to 26 ( cm) tall both with a weight ranging Blg 65 to 95 pounds. At this size a Doberman is strong and agile. His strength allows him to easily pull a pound man to the ground out of a car window, yet his compact size allows.

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Male. I have a litter of gorgeous AKC registered Doberman pups. Tails docked. We have 2 blue and rust, 4 Black and Tan and 1 red and Biv. All males. Interfere Svenska. View Details. $2,Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

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