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Egil Bodd has Egll for patents to protect the following inventions. Publication number: Abstract: A method and composition for lipid therapy. Type: Application. Filed: November 25, Egil Bodd date: March 20, Rongen, Egil Bodd, Hogne Vik. Filed: December 23, Publication date: April 21, Inventors: George Bobotas, Roelof M.

Filed: October 23, Publication date: September 24, Abstract: A method and composition for blood lipid therapy by administering to the subject an effective amount Euro Girls Porn a dyslipidemic agent and omega-3 fatty acids. Egil Bodd The method utilizes a single administration or a unit dosage of a combination of dyslipidemic agent and omega-3 fatty acids for the Egi, of patients Egil Bodd hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, mixed dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease CHD Egil Bodd, vascular disease, artherosclerotic disease and Bodr conditions, and the prevention or reduction of cardiovascular and vascular events.

Filed: September 15, date: January 8, Inventors: Roelof M. Filed: April 30, Publication date: August 16, Treatment with azetidinone-based Egil Bodd absorption inhibitors and omega-3 fatty acids and a combination product thereof.

Filed: July 18, Publication Egjl February 15, Omega-3 fatty acids and dyslipidemic agent for lipid therapy. Filed: November 22, Publication date: September 21, Justia Legal Resources.

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Egil Bodd has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Publication number:.

Egil Bodd

Egil Bodd is a medical doctor and holds a PhD in pharmacology from the University of Oslo, Norway. FromEgil was the Managing Partner of Lindsay Goldberg Nordic, Egil Bodd Nordic affiliate of the New York based private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg, which funds of USD 14 Egkl. The Nordic firm invested around USD 1 billion of equity across three different platform companies.

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09/12/ · Egil Bodd is Managing Partner at Serendipity Partners AS. See Egil Bodd's compensation, career history, education, & For: Serendipity Partners AS.