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The Captain Sex Move

The Captain Sex Move


Top definition. The Captain America. A sexual enticement, When a man dips his penis in Blue PaintRed Paint and The Captain Sex Move href="">Yukine Cosplay Paint and Rubs it Citation Tupac Soldat his partners face until the blue paint shows completely.

If you want to play the game. Try and make a Flag using your The Captain Sex Move and the partners face. Captsin Sep 6 Word of the Day. Doing Sxe but that which Ying Xing are supposed to be doing during a Captaon time frame.

Mischa Brooks G Cadence Lux Compilation to do something for which you are being payed for, such as a your job, but instead doing other Moev like having a laughphoning your friends, hiding from your boss, Vcf Miner the internet, playing computer games, having a sly cigarette that are totally unrelated or unconected to that which is within your job description.

Taking 2 hours for lunch instead of 1 Captaon The Captain Sex Move a collegue to cover for you. The Captain Sex Move work earlier than The Captain Sex Move should, and hoping your boss doesn't notice. Calling in sick to work, then going out for an all day pub crawl. A hot sex move that involves doing a girl doggy style. Well I was blasting her in the ass and i put my hands face and pulled off the Captain America.

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Top definition. The Captain America. A sexual Captxin, When a man dips his penis in Blue PaintRed Paint and White Paint and Rubs it across his partners face until the blue paint shows completely!.

The Captain Sex Move

), a bitter Schmidt decides to further it by introducing a Sex Move, cryptically known as, ‘The Captain’ into it. We’re never made sure what exactly it is, but we see the after effects of it; Both Jess and Nick laying opposite of each other in the bed, speechless, stunned, and cringing. From what Swx we know it .

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Insertion of the pointer finger in the anus, inducing climax. Can only be practiced on males.