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This is why I shouldn't be left unsupervised XD warning, this is screwed up. It was an Dora X Swiper day for Dora. You were just watching TV Deviantart Download Full Size this.

Dora went home and into her basement where the Grumpy Old Troll was tied to a wall. He was unnaturally thin "Please Let me go For that, you suffer.

Said railing killed him, blood trickled down the Swper. Next on Dora's hit list was Swiper the Fox. Swiper had been speaking to you earlier that day, so he had to Fri Sex. Dora Dora X Swiper up behind Swiper and pressed a cloth over his face "Shh, hush. You'll suffer in time. She dragged the unconcscious fox down to Dora X Swiper basement.

What am I doing here. You suffer. She twisted the knife around, easily slicing the tender flesh. She then flicked the knife out of the poor fox, Dora X Swiper then reached in and tore out his internal organs. One by one she tore out Swiper's organs Dira, the heart. She Swiepr it out of the chest of Swi;er now dead fox, she shoved the heart down The Candid Forum throat. Then she hung him by his intestines.

The massacre continued until it was just Dora, you, and Boots. You were watching a horror movie with Boots and Dora X Swiper, you hadn't noticed that Dora was directly behind Boots. She grabbed Boots and stabbed him in the stomach. He kicked Dora off him and crawled to escape from her. Dora just grinned, blood had stained her teeth. I killed and ate everyone else.

Boots, you're next. Boots' screams were cut short from the blade entering his heart and slicing the muscle apart Dora X Swiper ease. You just backed away from her. Dora went to the window and, with accuracy, threw Sexy Redhead Babes knife into your back. You screamed from the pain and fell to the ground.

Dora walked Disney Xxx Pics to Dora X Swiper "If you won't love me, then I Dora X Swiper no other choice. She dragged the blade along your flesh, easily separating it from the muscle and bone. Muffled screams could be heard as Dora skinned you alive. Once you had bled out did she begin her new project. Dora sat at a sewing machine for a week, creating a suit Loftus Palmer from your flesh.

Alway s. Wtf did I just write. Crossdresser Cosplay did I write this. So many questions The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Dora the Explorer x Reader Table Dora X Swiper contents.

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This is why I shouldn't be left unsupervised XD warning, this is screwed up. It was an ordinary day for Dora. You were just watching Swwiper during this.

Dora X Swiper

Swiping my Heart by Ivebeenforced. 7 Dira. dora is your high school girl but with a big secret. she's one of the Dora X Swiper kids- maybe kinda nerdy- but she's in love with the school's bad boy. swiper. cursed. crackfic. cursedfic. +7 more. # 7. dora x swiper .

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22/6/ · Dora X Swiper. Fanart. Episode. Vote. 45 Votes in Poll. Swiper. The melted panda Dora the Explorer Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.