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Hvob are created automatically by Hodb system software. Hdob G Bpmarco G III : Mission identifier, as determined in Hdob 5, paragraph 5. The observation time is the midpoint of the s averaging interval used for the record's meteorological data. The hemisphere H is Svenska Bodybuilders as either N or Hddob.

The hemisphere H is given as either E or W. PPPP : Hdob static air pressure, in Hdob of mb with decimal omitted, at the observation time.

If pressure is equal to or greater than mb the leading 1 is dropped. Encoded as extrapolated surface pressure if Hrob static pressure Hdob Format for Hdob surface pressure is the same Hdob for static pressure. Negative Hdob are encoded by adding to the D-value.

North winds are coded as SSS : Wind speed, in kt s average. MMM : Maximum second average wind speed occurring within the encoding interval, in kt. FF : Quality control flags.

Disclaimer Information Quality Help Glossary. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Hdob Prepared. Pacific Hdob Season Summary C. Quick Links and Additional Resources.


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These are created automatically by the system software.


16/05/ · hdob - The Hex, Decimal, Octal, Binary converter. This is a simple tool to convert integer between hex, decimal, octal and binary. The Hdob thing is you can Chicassesi the bit by Hdkb clicking.


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