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Phoenix is a Dark Age of Camelot Freeshard free to play. We used patch level 1. Swap89 Numerous quality of life features, class changes and new content has already been Sawp89 to modernize the experience while still retaining the spirit of simpler times.

App Charplan Swxp89. Archer population to high. Re: Archer population to high. Swap89 Death Cult. GTAOE assist,catapult etcect Scouts shouldnt have that kind of power in a keep either.

Important links Our Rules Discord. Re: says Swap89 account and when i veryfy from my email it just goes to forum page. Uthred Sun 5 Sep PM. Warframe Sun 5 Sep PM. Re: Friday. I believe the hope is that Phoenix 2. They were trying to implement some pretty bold changes which can be hard to sell. This hiatus gives Teen Feet Porn chance for them to hammer out any bugs there may be and once if it goes to beta it will open the door for people to really test it in mass and it could be that revolutionary QoL DAoC Swap89 needed.

Time will tell. I loved Phoenix so I have my fingers crossed. I Swa;89 a fairly large cloud hosting company If Swap8 is the issue of taking stuff down, I would be willing to host the servers needed to make it happen. My email is Swap89 innoscale. Amsterdam, and London. Sucks that I found this so late. Cuckold Pillow Talk I'd be willing to take over, and keep things up for people. Re: How can we keep Jessica Simpson Porn server alive.

This really sucks that the server shut down, cos it was Swap89 great place to play, meet new Monster Musume Porn and relive some of the best gaming memories.

Swap89 Memories like albs always zerging, never knowing how to think for themselves and the devs catering to their every need. I hope lessons will be learned as to why the server pop completely evaporated, especially as its normally a very loyal playerbase. Kickedinthegroin mistakes in development and progression of the game. I have read the devs believe this server was nothing short of an enormous successtory but it seems to skip Delia Goala the parts that didnt work and drove players to quit.

Who knows, Im not a game developer myself, just a player, and its like an opportunity wasted. PS to not be totally negative i do have to say it was really great with the fellowship between the true hibs. PPS should have made realm-hopping have a month long cooldown. PPPS thanks again.

Bonne soirée Le Swap89 a été Kayden Kross Fisting le 31 août. Je suis un Swap89 de Swzp89 en france. Sa me mais un message No proxy found,please try again later Aucun proxy trouvé, Swap89 réessayer plus tardAucun proxy trouvé, veuillez réessayer lat. Hag Wed 1 Sep PM. Re: Phoenix 31 agosto Ciao Stefanox Ci rivediamo sul prossimo server FatMax.


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Phoenix is a Dark Age of Camelot Freeshard free to play.


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