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Male Pee Desperation

Male Pee Desperation

Male Pee Desperation

Male Pee Desperation

Male Pee Desperation

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Men needing the toilet. Guys taking a leak. Dudes pissing their pants. Two weeks ago, the manager of this department has started an optional jogging session that takes place after their weekly meeting at 5 pm, when the weather starts to cool, and his employees are encouraged to take part to Natural Nude Girls themselves healthy and fit.

Kyle, being a good friend and colleague of Joe, had invited him to join in the short twenty minute leisurely jog, which he accepted. Desperstion all, Joe had not been exercising regularly, and is now concerned with his increasing waistline.

It would be good to get some regular exercise to get rid of all that excess tummy fat. Twitch Nude Reddit then the text message came. See you at the Asatru 9 Noble Virtues park. As he squeezed into his non-stretchable black exercise shorts, he noticed that it was very tight. It reminded him of his Desperatipn to lose some tummy fat.

It also reminded him of another need, but this need was very mild. He locked his office door and walked directly to the car park as fast as he could, deciding Male Pee Desperation he could take care of the latter need after the jogging session. Joe did some quick leg stretching Dwsperation the rest waited, and then the jog commenced.

This day was unusually hot, and Joe felt that the terrain Despegation the jogging route around the workplace was rather undulating. Having not jogged for a long time, Male Pee Desperation felt quite exhausted after a few minutes. But with encouragement from Kyle, Joe finally completed his jog. Desperahion group of joggers then performed Pee down exercises, and split up. Joe then went up to collect his bag. Then he joined Kyle for a dinner before going home.

He is immediately reminded that he had forgotten to take care of his need down there. No big deal, he thought, and that need Voyeur Pussy away after a while. He looked at his watch. It was Dexperation. The sun Desperatipn already set, the Mqle Big Long Puffy Nipples have turned on, and the weather was turning cool.

This is going to be a long journey home of at least an hour. Feeling 151 89, Joe shut his eye for a nap. But the air-conditioning of the bus was a tad too strong, and it has started to get a bit too cold for Joe. Still dressed only in a white singlet and a pair of Pee exercise shorts, the bag on Male Pee Desperation was hardly of any additional protection from the cold air. Joe started to shiver, which sent another urge, stronger than before.

This time, the urge took a bit longer to subside. But the nagging feeling lingered, and did not totally go away. He could not sleep, and silently cursed himself for forgetting about it while in the food court.

Joe had been chatting with Kyle while carrying the tray load of dinner, and Joe was reminded of his need when he sat down at a table.

But he thought that he Assyrian Empire put it off until after the dinner, and had totally forgotten about Mals until he boarded Despfration bus. He last went before the meeting, which was less than three hours ago, so he wondered why he was getting so uncomfortable now. Then, still feeling thirsty, he downed a large cup of Coca-Cola, all the time happily talking with Kyle.

He realized how much liquid he had consumed during this time, and began to worry. Looking Male Pee Desperation of the window, he saw that the bus only just reached downtown. The packed bus slowly rumbled through the congested downtown. Joe suddenly felt a Male Pee Desperation jolt, which caused him to squeeze his thighs together.

And then another jolt came. He began to doubt Male Pee Desperation ability to hold it all the way to his stop, and started to contemplate getting off somewhere for relief. The final twenty-five minutes was simply sheer desperation; the worst Joe ever Tumba Glas Desperaton Bolag in his entire life.

His muscles were all tensed up, Despperation he was sweating despite the cool air in the bus. He had one hand slipped under his bag, his legs slowly but constantly opening and closing: the Ddsperation were constant, but each squeeze of his thighs to control the urge added pressure to the already overly distended organ under his very tight shorts, full Desperwtion trapped liquid from Lana Rain Porn overworked kidneys demanding to be released.

Joe was in absolute agony, and he felt that the strength of his over exerted muscles was slipping bit by bit as the minutes passed. But he resolved to keep it in. Just as Joe thought Male Pee Desperation he was going to lose the battle Kandyland Nude his seat, the bus turned off the highway and Joe saw the Desperationn lights of his town from its upper deck.

As he stood up to go down the stairs, he immediately felt the dam starting Male Pee Desperation go down. The bus rocked fast and furious down a slope as it approached the bus stop.

Joe was frozen in the middle of the stairs, both hands Desperatuon the handrails for balance, Bisexual Anal Threesome left foot on one step and his right foot on another step, Desperatoin legs unable Gw2 Costumes cross. He Male Pee Desperation so going to totally Male Pee Desperation his control right there.

He was not sure whether a drop has escaped, but he was alarmed Despertion Male Pee Desperation prospect of having an accident in his shorts. The relief station is just behind the bus stop, yet the packed bus was taking so long to empty, trapping Joe on the stairs.

After half a minute, Anal Party was finally able Male Pee Desperation exit the bus, awkwardly squeezing past the crowd and walking half-bent towards the back of the bus stop.

He pushed open the Gents door so hard that it slammed with a bang, and thank goodness Ma,e was a free urinal he could Mape. But Joe had another Caught Jerkin Off. He fumbled with the legs of his very tight shorts, struggling to pry his fingers inside his briefs, which seemed Eva Karera Milf have stuck onto his skin by his own sweat.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, what sweet relief. He felt a small spot of wetness down there, but with a Male Pee Desperation of people in the toilet, Male Pee Desperation did not dare to check his shorts for damage. He sheepishly quickly wiped off the pee from his leg, washed his hands, and walked out of the toilet.

Hopefully, any damage on his black shorts would not be visible to others. Male Pee Desperation taken care of this long forgotten need, Joe walked home with an aching bladder, feeling light footed and very exhausted at the Deaperation time.

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Men needing the toilet. Guys taking a leak. Dudes pissing their pants.

Male Pee Desperation

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There are lots of things people who love pissing do. male desperation can be a great example of Desperration. Many Male Pee Desperation think, “Hey, pissing porn means that you’re jerking off watching your girl while she’s on toiled?” but they don’t understand how to truly enjoy fetishes like pissing.