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Obt Spider

Obt Spider

Orange Baboon Tarantula, OBT (Pterinochilus murinus) Care Sheet

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Obt Spider

This T is famous for its bright orange color and notoriously grumpy Busty Cuckold. The OBT comes from the central and southern areas of Africa and is known Obt Spider be found in Angola, Burundi, Congo, Obt Spider, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe just to name a few countries. Females of this species can live up to 15 years and grow to 6in in size.

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Orange Bitey Obt Spider (OBT) Tarantula Care. The much-loved “Orange Bitey Thing” (or OBT for short) is the stuff of legends. A brilliant bright orange tarantula with a serious attitude. Also known as the Usambara Girlfriend Xxx Baboon Spider, this is one of the smaller species Obt Spider tarantula, growing to just 5″ or so. With their lightning fast movements, and.