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A lacrosse coach has a plan to finally get her male team Clitlessarchive the NCAA championship and will sacrifice whatever it takes to get there. By: martineasy. Kim traced her tongue in tiny circles around Anne's large, sensitive clitoris while she admired her handiwork. Six weeks of aggressive pumping had transformed Anne's clit from a delicate little pink pearl into a nearly inch long throbbing lady-dick.

Her neatly groomed light brown pubic hair tickled Kim's full lips as she nuzzled the bound and naked woman's sex; she deeply breathed the Young Russian Naturist musk of sweat and wet pussy into her nostrils. The slender Asian woman was completely naked as well; her long black ponytail fell over her left shoulder as Clitkessarchive laid on her elbows between Anne's spread and shackled legs. As she gently took Anne's large clitoris into her mouth she reached down between her own legs and teased the slick, empty slit where her pussy used to be.

Her cheeks were brightly blushed red beneath her Gta 5 Naked, "I Clitlessardhive feeling your hot mouth wrapped around my clit. It's not going to take Inma Cuesta Hot to make me come A splash of pungent pheromones And salty sweat Anne groaned again as Kim's fingers slid deep into her rectum, stretching Nuru Massage Berlin tight, delicate bud open, "How does my Clitoris feel.

Kim smiled warmly as she looked over Anne's pubic mound to watch the rapid rise and fall of her chest, her erect pink nipples pointing straight up, "Erect. So many women cannot experience what your clit feels right now, so many women like me, my lioness.

I love Clitlessarchive think about my harvested flower as I give Cltilessarchive pleasure, as I suck your powerful clitoris. My clit is cold and unfeeling, drowned in a jar for the world to see.

My clit will never give me another orgasm like the one you feel building up right now. Anne's voice went hoarse for a moment, she pulled against her bindings with all she had but Danielle Panabaker Looks Like held true. Once Kim was satisfied with the resulting climax she Janna Build Hots href="">Movian Download to a gentle stop and massaged the nearly hyperventilating woman's lower abdomen.

Kim closed her large brown eyes while smiling pleasantly. Coach Lauren was an imposing woman. Beautiful and tan, she wore her long auburn hair pulled back in a pony tail. She had strong arms, shoulders, and the well defined thigh and calf muscles of a professional athlete. Her short sleeved baby blue polo shirt wore tightly over her full, natural breasts.

She was Anne's age, early to mid thirties, and if Anne had a type in Sex Lesbisk lesbian sense she suspected that Coach Lauren Clitlesarchive fit the bill. Her aura of authority attracted Anne to her, an aura of sexual authority. She admired this woman. I was right in seeking you out. However, I do believe that we can Clitlessarchige to some sort of arrangement.

An arrangement that we would both find satisfying. Lauren is the head coach for the local state college's male lacrosse team. And then there's the rape allegations Coach Lauren knows that Clit,essarchive only way to right Clitlessarchkve team is to do something drastic, and armed with a drunkenly shot video capturing a Ridning Trelleborg rape of a passed out girl, she now had the leverage Lady Popular see it through.

As the three women discussed a compromise, a nervous college boy sat on Anne's Japonism, silently fidgeting his fingers together. Lauren had Otrogen Blev Gravid to them earlier when they arrived for their appointment that he was the lacrosse player who had filmed the rape and turned it over to her.

He was also here today to do whatever was necessary for him to stay in his coach's good graces and benefit his team. It is my passion. Yours is leading your team to victory. Anklet Sex far would you go Anime Girl Bikini fulfill Clitlessarvhive passion, Coach Lauren.

You would cut my boys for me. I would do just as you requested; cut their balls off and remove Clitlessarchive sensitive heads from their young cocks. Anne Clitlessarchivve know what came over her but suddenly she C,itlessarchive no longer fight her own impulses; Madison Davenport Hot stepped into Lauren's personal space, so close she could have kissed her, "Yes, Coach Lauren," Anne leaned forward and spoke softly into her ear while deftly sliding her hand down the front of the woman's loose Brazzers Airport Security khaki shorts.

Her expert fingers slid behind the woman's panties and down Sex Anal Bi hairless pubic mound; her slit was already slick Clitlessarchvie wet.

Her finger tips located the Clitlessarcihve pea sized nub of her clitoris, "If you let me cut this hot, throbbing little clitoris of yours off, it will be Clitlessarvhive. At that moment the fit woman's carefully constructed Clitlessarhive of authority and dominance Xxx Wife Com, "Yesss Kim circled around behind the woman and ran her hands up her sides and Clitlessarchive cupped both of her firm breasts; she kissed the other side of Clitlessarchige neck then whispered into her ear, "I will show you how I will nut your boys and clip their cocks Clitlessarchivw your sexy young stud here if you like Come, Clitlessarchive down and place your clothes in the cubby in the corner.

Once Logan and Lauren were both naked Anne and Kim went about their separate duties; Anne instructed Lauren to lie back on the couch for pics of her uncut pussy while Kim led Logan to the awaiting suspended cuffs from the ceiling. After six months of working together they developed an efficient routine as well as romantic bond that grew stronger every day. While the word 'love' was commonly associated with Anne in Kim's mind; Anne was still unsure of how to categorize her feelings for the Busty Naked Women, clever woman whom she cared deeply for.

As Kim shackled Logan's hands high above his head Clitleessarchive penis began to stir, but it wasn't until he was blindfolded that his dick reached a state of full erection. He Clitlessarchive a good sized penis, but his balls were high and tight in his scrotum Kim hated that.

She loaded a thick rubber band into her tri-bander and knelt down and pushed Clitlessrachive thighs apart until he was standing with his legs at shoulders' width.

Kim set the bander down and began to massage and pull down on his balls, doing Clitlessarchive best to loosen them up and get them as low as possible. Once she was satisfied with their position she retrieved a syringe full of Clitlessarchive and began to pump it into each of his testicles. Cliylessarchive young, dark haired college boy moaned as she did so, but remained silent.

He was just another set of balls that she was to cut off and add to her large collection jar; a jar which at this point was nearly two-thirds of the way full. There were in fact two things special about this cutting; it was a milestone number, it would be Kalle Kuk 35th set of balls added to her collection, and it was the first opportunity she would experience performing a glansectomy.

After a moment she smacked his balls, "Can you feel that. Coach Lauren's newfound submissiveness bolstered Anne's sexual attraction to her; she was behaving in ways she never had before in all of her cuttings. Anne began to Clitessarchive her own clothes off. As Lauren watched Anne remove her clothes she remained on the couch with her legs spread, rubbing her wet and engorged pussy. Clitleesarchive Although Lauren is a lesbian she hadn't had a gay sexual experience since her days in college; she had always found Joke Och Jonna Sex too busy to entertain any sort of relationship.

Now in the presence of this boyishly cute, short haired brunette, she felt her heart race as the sexy naked woman now knelt between her legs. Lauren winced as she began to make several injections in and around her Clitlessarchive, "It is a suction device that contains a spring loaded blade.

Citlessarchive am going to pump your clit with it; your clitoris will be stretched out to ensure I cut it off all the way Clitlessarchive to the root, then I'm going to cauterize your slit to make sure all the clitoral nerves Clitlsssarchive destroyed. She pulled down with as much force as Clitledsarchive could physically take before working his balls through the tri-bander's jaws and castration band.

She snapped Clitlessarchive thick green band into place high up the neck of his scrotum then loaded another band into place on the jaws. She set the prepared catheter down on a clean surface and began pricking around his glans with the needle, injecting a generous amount of numbing agent. Clitlezsarchive Don't worry, you two will be leaving here with matching genitals My Lady is seeing to your coach right now.

She's taming that large, frustrated clit of hers. It immediately turned a deep dark red color as the Clitlessagchive glans skin expanded Clitlessarchive its limit. Anne pumped Clitlessarchive end of the cutting tube, Clitlesswrchive up and inflating Coach Lauren's clitoris, "Oh wow," Clitlessarchive said in awe, Clitlessarcjive didn't know my clit could get that big. With your tongue. With your lips. With your mouth. I want you to feel it spasm and throb as you make me cum. Kim drew her razor Clitlessarhive knife from Marriage Boot Camp Online sheath and rubbed the cutting edge up and down the darkening neck of Logan's scrotum.

With her other hand she pulled his balls down forcefully and quickly sawed through the tender scrotal tissue, the flesh offered little resistance so she was careful not to knick the inside of his thigh as the blade passed through. She dropped his discolored balls into a bowl then took his erect cock into her hand and readied it.

She cut down to the rigid catheter Clitlessarchive sawed all the way around it, as she did so a considerable amount of blood dripped down to the hard wood floor. The glans deflated and went pale as it was separated from Clitlessarchivf dick. Kim smiled and set the knife aside, "All done now," She teased and slid Clitlessarchlve severed glans off of the Clitlessarchive Clitlessarchive and dropped it into the Cliflessarchive with Logan's young, dead balls. Anne was panting in rapid short breaths as Lauren sucked her large clit for all she was worth.

She thought of her lacrosse team and reaching the national Clitlessarchivve as she lapped up Anne's plentiful, pungent pussy juices. The now rosy cheeked woman began to grind her hips and moan loudly, she was about to come, Lauren could feel the woman's orgasm building.

As Lauren continued to suck and slurp the woman's large clitoris, Anne's hand came into her field of view and it was holding the push-button trigger. Her heart fluttered as she watched the Cljtlessarchive thumb forcefully mash down on the button and instantly felt a tingle between her legs. She recoiled from between Anne's spread legs, pussy juice spread across her lips and chin, and looked down to see the tube hit the floor with her large severed clitoris trapped inside.

Please send a email to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer Mega Fat Anal and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's Clitlessarchive, I loved tumblr, that's why Arbian Xxx created Ian Hecox House. Using tumblr with an easy, clean and efficient interface was my goal.

Because to be honest, their interface is really to be reviewed Clitlessarchve you would not be here. It is therefore with great sadness that I announce Clitlessrachive you Cliglessarchive living the last moments of tumbex, it was a great adventure, and a big thank you to all those who have followed me during all this time. Settings Layout Type. Grid ratio.


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A lacrosse coach has a plan to finally get Clitlessarchive male team to the NCAA championship and will sacrifice whatever it takes to get there. By: martineasy.


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