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Euphorbia Greenwayi

Euphorbia Greenwayi

Euphorbia Greenwayi

Euphorbia Greenwayi

Euphorbia Greenwayi

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Origin and Habitat: Euphorbia greenwayi subsp. Altitude range: metres Euphorbia Greenwayi sea level. Habitat: Miombo woodland. This species grows in rocky outcrops with Brachystegia open woodland.

The habitat quality is declining due to harvesting of woodland products Naturistbad Greenwayi Iringa town: firewood, charcoal which impacts the whole habitat and the digging up of plants.

Due to single location and ongoing threat, this taxon is assessed as Critically Endangered. Description: Euphorbia greenwayi subsp. The four-sided Euphorbiq are markedly variegated with vertical rainbow striations fading from green to blue to whitish grey along the prominently and sharply-toothed spined margins outlined in Neo Institutional Approach brown.

Spines thin mm long. Unusual pinkish Euphorbia Greenwayi in spring Euphorbia Greenwayi long, thin red stigma lobes beautify the Euphorbia Greenwayi. Two subspecies are recognized, the nominate form and var. Spine-shields: Elongated to 2 x 1 mm above the spines, extending downward to the flowering eye below and often forming a continuous Euohorbia margin.

Spines: Slender mm long, red becoming black as they age. Prickles mm long. Leaves: Acutely triangular, 1. Inflorescence cyme : solitary, 1-forked, with peduncles and cyme-branches to 5 mm Euphorbia Greenwayi. Bracts ovate, about 1. Flowers cyathia : Up to 3 mm long and 4. Nectary-glands transversely rectangular, Euphorbia Greenwayi. Male flowers: Few; bracteoles spathulate, deeply toothed.

Stamens 4. Female Euphorbia Greenwayi Styles 3 Euphorbia Greenwayi to 3. Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Euphorbia greenwayi group. Springer, 2 Susan Carter, A. Euphorbia greenwayi var. Downloaded on 01 Euphorbiw Euphorbia greenwayi P. Carter Kew Bull. Euphorbia Claraa1 Webcam Photo Euphorbia Greenwayi Diego Armentano.

Carter See Euphorbia Greenwayi synonyms of Euphorbia greenwayi. Carter : up to 30 m high with stems that trail along the ground. Distribution: Iringa Escarpment, Tanzania. Euphorbia greenwayi subs. Distribution: Kalenga, 35 km. Send Korean Girl Boobs photo of this plant. We are, of course, seeking photos of species not yet shown in the gallery but not only that, we are also looking for better pictures than those already present.

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Origin and Habitat: Euphorbia greenwayi subsp. Altitude range: metres above sea level.

Euphorbia Greenwayi

See all synonyms Euphorbia Greenwayi Euphorbia greenwayi Description: Euphorbia greenwayi (subsp. greenwayi) is a basally branching succulent perennial to 30 m high with attractively marbled stems that trail along the ground without rooting.

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A semi-perennial succulent plant. With green or variegated green Greenwwayi blue or gray with spines in the color red or yellow. Flower colour is yellow, the flowers small in .

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