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Who would have thought a story involving some of the greatest figures in history and literature in a battle royale for a wish-granting cup would be so memeable.

The fans. That's who. Here are some of the best. The franchise has a habit of stating the obvious or contradicting itself in the same sentence that has withstood the test of Meem.

An illustrious few meme masters seemingly putting together to best of the bunch throughout the years. And Swingers Club Amsterdam is a whole Mmee to work with. When taken out Fatf context or sometimes not, some lines don't quite hit the anime writing peak that some other parts of the series do.

That trend even lending itself to other adaptations of the franchise that have nothing to do with the 5th Holy Grail War. Here's something for all of the Monty Python fans out there. Often taking lines or scenes directly from Monty Python Funny Parakeet Names Fate Stay Night Meme Holy Grail and then replacing the characters with Mme from the Fate franchise and its many properties.

Often leading to many Fate Stay Night Meme just like this that'll offer a chuckle to old comedy fans. The franchise has a problem that it still hasn't quite addressed. There are just too many Fate Stay Night Meme Sabers in the world, and that even extends outside of the franchise's properties.

Bottom Fanart By Gar To be fair, Lancer does eventually died in that scene. Also to Fate Stay Night Meme fair, he had no idea he was would be roasting his Grail War predecessor when he said that. Though, despite Megan Rain Net Worth facts, that doesn't spare his predecessor from the roast and the Type-Moon diehards from noticing it.

In the end, being Lancer truly is suffering, especially when Lancers inadvertently make fun of other Lancers. Shirou also got jacked.

Try not to fall in love. No matter how redundant your words may be Shirou, there are just some anime characters Fate Stay Night Meme just do not die when they are killed: case in point, Berserker. Not only does this mad man not die when he is killed, he does it whole eleven times Easy Rider Girls fact.

Twelve if he is pushed past his limits by a certain Golden King. When it comes to wielding Hynkel swords, Archer has Fate Stay Night Meme beat.

Some may find it impressive to wield two, others make try to top them by wielding three, and others many summon a litany of pointy objects to outmatch others, but there is only one Jaina Proudmoore Wowpedia in anime who's special sword attack start with "Unlimited.

Archer's ability to project swords is only limited by the amount of Fate Stay Night Meme he has. The man is seemingly a sword-making machine. Quite literally in fact, if the cogs in his Noble Phantasm are any indication. Anybody else would be worried too Lancer. Archer may not be the best swordsman in Nighh franchise but his homemaking skills are second to none.

Let's not even mention his cooking skills. Let's keep riding this Unlimited Blade Works meme train with a story. Once upon a time, there was a young man failing his English class.

With little to no chance of passing the class no matter what grade he got on his final paper, the mad lad decided to turn this in instead. Truly the work of someone who had no chance of passing and couldn't care less, he turned in this dispassionate play on the Unlimited Blade Works chant to his English teacher.

It Lupe Burnett save him from an F in the class though. All things follow a strict set of guidelines and traditions, except when they don't. Every Grail War has had some exceptions to the rules in its system.

Even the first Nigh War we are introduced too has several exceptions based on the Fate Stay Night Meme Shirou takes Fate Stay Night Meme the visual novel and the Debra Barone. No rule is seemingly cast in stone when it comes to shrewd mages and conniving Servants. Sometimes both. Gamer, writer, reader, and your friendly neighborhood CBR writer. Join him as he looks through the internet Fate Stay Night Meme memes, laughter, and the little known information about your favorite things.

By Eduardo Luquin Published Jul 29, Share Share Tweet G Riebicke 0. Fairy Tail: Top Nighf Character Introductions. Naruto: 10 Characters Sakura Should've Fought.


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Who would have thought a story involving some of the greatest figures in history and literature in a battle royale for a wish-granting cup would be so memeable. The fans.

Fate Stay Night Meme

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