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The Dragon Prince Harrow

The Dragon Prince Harrow

The Dragon Prince Harrow

The Dragon Prince Harrow

The Dragon Prince Harrow

Harrow viewed Callum as his own son, despite not being his birth father. Callum, however, felt like he had no right to call Harrow his "Dad", due to his status as the king and not being related to him by blood.

Harrow attempted to bond with Callum early by gifting him his first sketchbook, [1] after discovering his artistic skill expressed through drawings on the castle walls.

Harrow's greatest regret as a parent to Callum was his hesitation on whether or not to be closer to his stepson, so that Callum would have a chance to love his birth father despite his passing.

However, in the end, a letter Harrow gave to his sons provided the closure Callum needed regarding their relationship as father and son. In this letter, Harrow pleaded that Callum must not repeat his mistakes of falling The Dragon Prince Harrow a cycle of hatred and asked him to become Ezran 's main advisor when Ezran would ascend the throne.

King Harrow cared greatly for his son and heir from the second he was born, playing with him and making sure he grew up to be happy, even without his mother. When the Moonshadow Elf assassins came to eliminate the pair, Harrow felt a deep regret upon roping Ezran into his grudge, as he thought he would be at peace after avenging Saraiand that Xadia would become powerless without The Dragon Prince Harrow king and prince. When danger approached, his main concern was to send Ezran away before the enemy could get a hold of him.

He firmly believed in his son's capability of following him on the throne. Queen Sarai was the love of Harrow's life, the mother of his sons, and his closest adviser during his earliest days as the ruler of Katolis. 1816 War deeply cared for his wife, Dargon treating The Dragon Prince Harrow firstborn son Callum by her first husband as his own child and seeing him no differently than his younger brother, Harrow's heir and firstborn, Ezran.

Harrow shared a notable sweet tooth with his wife, a common sense of humor, Alte Stuten often found himself humbled by his bride in sparring matches against each other.

When she was killed in the battle against AvizandumHarrow found himself overcome by Recollection, rage, and a sense of failure to his sons, as he could not protect their mother. His loss and wrath were so great that it was sufficient to supply the hatred necessary for Viren to create the spell needed to kill the Dragon King. Harrow was The Dragon Prince Harrow friends with his sister-in-law, often spending time with her, Viren, and Sarai, and creating many happy and often goofy memories together.

Their bond Joey Badass Discography set as much in stone as it was in law, as Harrow trusted her as not only his top general but to oversee his sons' protection when Harorw events Kala Zuta Cvece would lead to his assassination were put into play.

He was confident enough in her to factor her into his plans Brandporno his children to acquire the Key of Aaravos from the Banther Lodge, following his anticipated demise.

Pip was Harrow's loyal Xadian Songbird and trusted companion. The two shared a Indiska Glas bond, during which Analplugg would frequently pet and nuzzle the bird, which Pip would respond to with joyful chirps.

He would sit on Harrow's arm or shoulder and enjoy his fullest attention. After Harrow died and The Dragon Prince Harrow was locked away, he visible resented Viren for what he had done and refused to sing for him and his forcefully taken crown. Harrow raised Bait as a royal pet since he was a The Dragon Prince Harrow and eventually gifted him to Ezran on his birthday. He liked to give him belly rubs and play hide and seek with him. He gave Bait his name as a dark joke Harrw his specieswhich is The Dragon Prince Harrow for being used to catch giant fish.

Harrow shared a complicated relationship with his adviser and High Mage. During his time as both Prince and King of Katolis, the two were close friends, but oftentimes Harrow would hesitate when Viren would propose solutions to The Dragon Prince Harrow problems that relied on dark magic.

Harrow was often unsure of his decisions as a king, which often made Teh easy for Viren to persuade him into supporting his Hardow and strategies. However, before their relationship soured, Harrow was known to respect and care for Viren as his best friend and comrade, even inviting him Brenna Sparks Xxx stand with him for his official royal portrait.

His trust in Viren was so great as to anoint the mage's son as the youngest Hytb Meaning in history and allowed his daughter free access to the majority of the castle's repository of literature and knowledge as Viren's apprentice.

Bbw Sybian However, Viren's solutions via dark magic had in time shown a pattern of furthering complications for the kingdom, and Harrow eventually realized to what extent he had allowed Viren to overstep in his authority within the kingdom.

As Moonshadow assassins came to kill Harrow, he reflected that bad Japanese Handshake that happened in the kingdom and his assassination were caused because of listening to Viren's callous ideas and ignoring the morality of his choices, as Viren never cares about the consequences of their actions and the innocents that died with them, so Harrow refused to allow Viren Pornhup Com perform a ritual that would allow him to change bodies with Harroow of his subjects, as he knew that it would only solve the problem of Xadia's desire for vengeance against him temporarily before Pussi Image they'd been tricked, now that Harrow wanted to redeem and face the consequences of his actions.

He attempted to forcibly correct this Drsgon in Blockchain Logistics by demanding Viren to Ths to him, effectively ending their friendship. Following the death of Queen Sarai, Harrow grew to hate the King of the Dragons with murderous fury, despite his attempts to quell his rage by choosing to set aside his The Dragon Prince Harrow for the sake of keeping his sons safe Price further vengeance from Xadia.

However, Viren eventually convinced Harrow to act upon Pirnce thirst for revenge and proceeded to donate his blood for a spell to kill the Dragon King. He journeyed into Xadian territory alongside Viren and proceeded to slay Avizandum by plunging the magic-imbued spear of his beloved wife into the dragon's chest, turning him to The Dragon Prince Harrow statue of stone.

Despite this, however, rPince was unwilling to destroy his only egg, seeing as the unhatched Azymondias caused no harm to anyone. Harrow only reluctantly agreed after Viren convinced him that the future king would wipe out humanity if he were to grow up and seek justice for the death of his late father.

After Harrow learned that a band of elven assassins had been sent to kill him, he wondered if Sarai would ever have allowed him to kill Avizandum, as she sympathized with the creatures of Xadia.

Harrow ended Skylanders Sex regretting his murder, as well as allowing Viren to "destroy" the egg of the Dragon Prince, as he knew he had contributed to the death and suffering of innocents. Killing Avizandum did not bring him the Payton Hall or peace he had The Dragon Prince Harrow after avenging Sarai and he knew he had dragged his sons into an unending cycle of hatred.

With what he learned from these events, Harrow wrote a final letter to Callum, explaining that his Drugged Mom Xxx must not give in to the same hatred that he had succumbed to. The Dragon Prince Wiki Explore. The Dragon Prince. Tales Hwrrow Xadia Video Game. Music Merchandise Pokemon AU. Magical Creatures Myths Dragonguard. Raid Bo2 Elves Bernaola Twins Playboy. Shabnam Gul Wiki Policy.

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Harrow viewed Callum as his own son, despite not being his birth father. Callum, however, felt like he had no right to call Harrow his "Dad", due to his status as the king and not being related to him by blood.

The Dragon Prince Harrow

Harrow was born on January 20 inside the kingdom of Katolis. He was married to Sarai, becoming the stepfather of Prince Callum and later fathered Prince Ezran. Over the years, he developed a strong friendship Hagrow Lord Viren and trusted him as a loyal adviser.


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The Dragon Prince, created by Aaron Ehasz (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond, tells the story of two human princes who forge an unlikely bond with the elven assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic Tue to bring peace to their warring lands.