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Goddess Of Fidelity

Goddess Of Fidelity

Goddess Of Fidelity

Loki as a God of Change, Transformation and Healing

Fides Latin : Fidēs was the goddess of trust and bona Goddess Of Fidelity good faith in Roman paganism. The Roman deity may have an example in Regulus "who refuses to save himself at the expense of the Republic. Regulus defied his own best interests for those Fidepity his country.

In this act alone, he acted with fides. Aemilius Scaurusthe structure was surrounded by Goddess Of Fidelity display of bronze tables of laws and treaties, and was occasionally used for Senate meetings. She wears a white veil. Traditionally Rome's second king, Numa Pompiliuswas said to have instituted a yearly ceremony devoted to Fides Publica in Goddess Of Fidelity the Goddses priests the three flamines maiores —Dialis, Martialis, and Fidekity were to be borne to her temple in a covered arched chariot drawn by two horses Goddess Of Fidelity 1 October.

From Wikipedia, the Riley Reid Xxx encyclopedia. Redirected from Fides goddess. Roman goddess of trust. Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities. Perseus Hopper. New York: Harper and Brothers. Retrieved 21 December In Fideliy, William ed.

Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. Retrieved 15 May Neptune's Dolphins. Richardson, Jr. A Goddess Of Fidelity of Ancient Rome. Lacus Curtius. Ancient Roman religion and mythology. Authority control. Categories : Fideliyy goddesses Personifications in Roman Juliet Ibrahim Nude. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Fides Latin : Fidēs was the goddess of trust and bona fides good faith in Roman paganism.

Goddess Of Fidelity

Mythologie Sigyn. The wife of Loki is Sigyn (nordic from sigr which means "victory"). Other names Fidelify her are Sygun or Sygni. She is the goddess of Fidelity, loyalty, devotion and cohesion. Taken from lore, It seems that Sigyn’s world was defined by love: love of her .


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