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Qasr Al Azraq Jordan

Qasr Al Azraq Jordan

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School Orgy Porn is one of the desert castleslocated on the outskirts of present-day Azraqroughly km 62 mi east of Amman. Its strategic value came from the nearby oasis, the only water source in a vast desert region. The name of the fortress and associated town came from Qasr Al Azraq Jordan. The settlement was known in antiquity as Basie and the Romans were the first to make military use of the site, and later an early mosque was built in the middle. Later, it would be used by the Ottoman armies during that empire's hegemony over the region. During the Arab RevoltT. Lawrence based his Qar here in —18, an experience he wrote about in his book Seven Pillars of Wisdom. The connection to "Lawrence of Arabia" has been one of the castle's major draws for tourists. The castle is constructed of the local black basalt and is a Qasr Al Azraq Jordan structure with 80 metre long walls encircling a large central courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard is a small mosque that may date from Umayyad times. At each corner of the outer wall, there is an oblong tower. The main entrance is composed of Qasr Al Azraq Jordan single massive hinged slab of granite, which leads to a vestibule where one can see carved into the pavement the remains of a Roman board game. Although very heavy — 1 ton for each of the leaves of the main gate, 3 tons for single the other — these stone doors can quite easily be moved, thanks to palm tree oil. The Jordqn choice of stone can be explained by the fact that there is no close source of wood, apart from palm tree wood, which is very soft and unsuitable for building. The strategic significance of the castle is that it lies in the middle of the Azraq oasis, the only permanent source of fresh water in approximately 12, square kilometres 4, sq mi of desert. Several civilizations are known to have occupied the site for its strategic value in this remote and arid desert area. The area was inhabited by the Nabataean people and around CE fell under the control of the Romans. The Romans built a stone structure using the local basalt stone that formed a basis for later constructions on the site, a structure that was equally used by the Byzantine and Umayyad empires. The fortress in its present form dates to this period. Jorvan In the 16th century the Ottoman Turks stationed Arzaq garrison there, and T. Lawrence Lawrence of Arabia made the fortress his desert headquarters during the winter ofduring the Great Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire. His office was in the chamber above the entrance gatehouse. According to Lawrence, "Azrak lay favourably for us, and the old fort would be convenient headquarters if we made it Hot Fur Mistress, no matter how severe the winter. So I established myself in its southern gate-tower, and set my six Haurani boys It took a great effort to start Qasr Al Azraq Jordan, and at the end went shut with a clang and crash which made tremble the west wall of the old castle. Lawrence wrote of their first night, " Then the cries came again and again and again, rising slowly in power, till they Qasr Al Azraq Jordan round the walls Jordaj deep waves to die away choked and miserable. Lawrence was told, " Qasr al-Azraq is often included on day trips from Amman to the desert castles, along with Qasr Kharana and Qasr Amraboth east of the capital Joordan reached via Highway Admission is JD 2. There is little interpretive material at the moment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rough Guides. Retrieved June 12, Armageddon: Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press. ISBN Seven Pillars of Wisdom. New Haven: Fit Pornstars University Qasr Al Azraq Jordan. Umayyad Desert Castles. Castles in Jordan. Namespaces Article Qasr Al Azraq Jordan. Jorvan Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Azraq, Jordan. Main entrance from inside. Qasr al-Azraq Location within Jordan. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Qasr Al-Azraq.{/INSERTKEYS}{/PARAGRAPH}.

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It is one of the desert castleslocated on the outskirts of present-day Azraqroughly km 62 mi east of Amman.

Qasr Al Azraq Jordan

Qasr Al Azraq. On the edge of dusty Azraq, this imposing fort is where TE Lawrence and Sharif Hussein bin Ali based themselves in the winter of –18 during the Arab Revolt against the Turks. Lawrence set up his quarters in the room above the southern entrance, while his loyal followers braved the elements Jorsan other areas of the fort. Qasr Al Azraq Jordan

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Qasr Azraq is one of several structures that were built in the east of modern-day Jordan. Also known as the Blue Fortress, Qasr Azraq is located approximately kilometers to the east of Amman, very near Qasr Al Azraq Jordan the town of Azraq. Unlike many of the country’s other Desert Castles, Qasr Azraq was not abandoned following Jordsn demise of the Umayyad.