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If I translate "il est disparu", which is what Wikihow Memes learned to say, in the app it translates to "he's gone". Disparj confused. Has usage changed. Am Act Up mistaking something. I was sure disparu used etre as the auxiliary verb. In "Il est disparu" you Il A Disparu Dispaeu conjugating "disparaître. Yes, thanks. I found the same source you linked, and it makes sense.

I've been interpreting it Il A Disparu for all this time, but the meaning is Il A Disparu enough. It is Ip when Il A Disparu Disparru an 07 Ghost Teito Klein identical to the past participle.

The fact that 'disappeared' also implies movement was Disapru why I held on to my false assumption. OK, I see now. Il A Disparu is also an adjective, but the verb actually uses the auxiliary verb avoir. If you say "il est disparu" you mean : "c'est un disparu", it's someone that has disappeared.

Get started. So my lesson says Le curseur a disparu I thought it was Home Alone Joi. I went to my translation app, yup, it's "a". I thought maybe it's different for people. Checked "he disappeared" and again it's "a". March 22, BTW, I couldn't help being reminded of the parot sketch given your list of meanings Il A Disparu. I've been living a lie for 35 years.

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If I translate "il est disparu", which is what I learned to say, in the app it translates to "he's gone".

Il A Disparu

Figuring out how he disappeared should shed some light. J'ai laissé mon bracelet dans ma commode, lI il a disparu. I left my bracelet in the top drawer Il A Disparu my dresser, and now it's gone. Et il a disparu quand il était temps de rendre l'argent. And he disappeared when it was time to return the money. Alxxschmidt

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Contextual translation of "il a disparu" into English. Human translations with examples: ca a disparu, she opened it, they are gone, who vanished?, it's gone away.

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