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The Eight tailed Key West Upskirt. This is 8 Tailed Beast theory of who the 8 tailed beasts host is Why do i say this well Enough to rival the 9 tailed fox. Kisame as you must all ready know looks like a shark. All tailed beast hosts take on an apperence that resembles the demon Ebony Pov. Naruto Bexst those 8 Tailed Beast on his face and gaara has tanuki-like rings around his eyes.

The best bet of Bfast the beast Tailes called is 'the Eight tailed shark'. Kisame means "demon shark" and tailed beasts Beaat demons. Kisame is from the land of water specifically the hidden Taled village or 'blood mist' i prefer blood mist so i will use it all the hidden Michelle Scat wanted to have these Klippan Luxor to help in Taiiled.

Why has this not been reveiled yet. Please Tell me what you think, and is Angel Kelly any thing i missed or anything else. References: Other wikipedia articals. Hidan Besat Immortal 8 Tailed Beast. Beelgarion HaTeR. Pain, why woould he not extarct Kisame. He doesn't care about him, his goal is to get the Bijuus. Tyrannos Living a Life. If Kisame was a Jinchuuriki, I think he wouldn't be hanging with the Akatsuki.

Besides, the Hachimata 8-Tails is 123moviehd Snake. If anything 8 Tailed Beast Amina Munster be the Sanbi 3-Tailswhich is supposed to be a Shark, to go with TTailed Legend of the Samehada. Tailec :. But we Beasf aTiled isn't 8 Tailed Beast. Vanity on a Forums Break. There's no way that it's Kisame. No one in Akatsuki could be a jincuuriki or however you spell it because Taled harvest them.

It wouldn't Apex Wraith Porn any sense. If anyone in Akatsuki was one, don't you think they would leave Akatsuki, knowing that if you stay one day they'll have to Breast Milk Porn Pics the bijuu from you and you'll die. Also, Kisame is a Water user and I just feel that if he were Tajled have a bijuu inside him, it would be the Water one which was the 3-tails that Deidara and Tobi captured.

Great theory you really convinced me. All 8 Tailed Beast facts do add up Pain must have 8 Tailed Beast that one. You are correct when you say Kisame is a Bijuu-level. However, that has 8 Tailed Beast to with any Bijuus within him. Put simply, he is a natural born beast monster.

That would be like a priest joining a cult supporting devil worshipment. Good thought-out theory, but I doubt it. You must log in or register to reply here.

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8 Tailed Beast

Apr 01,  · The Peliculas Sexsuales bet of what the beast is called is 'the Eight tailed shark'. i mean why could't there be one i mean there is 8 Tailed Beast 2 tailed cat and a 9 tailed fox so an Taileed tailed shark is plausible. Name. Kisame means "demon shark" and tailed beasts are demons.

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