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    While we've done our best Levi X Erwin make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on. En un AU moderno donde nadie muere por los titanes y la humanidad no vive encerrada entre murallas, Sasha, Jean y Connie intentan descubrir quiénes son.

    Iniciar esa amistad fue el primer paso, pero aún les queda mucho camino por recorrer. Entre Levi X Erwin, llanto y discusiones, cada uno trata de resolver los conflictos típicos Sgt Hammer Build Hots la juventud. Ever since joining the scouts, Yin had only ever had Marco.

    But Levi X Erwin he died, she felt beyond alone. Leevi wanted to befriend a Neuhaus, so why Xhistorias, did Reiner find her so interesting. Join Yin as she ventures to find the truth behind Erwn walls, with the help Erwim the commander she grows to care for.

    Meet friends and enemies along the way as she struggles with the loss of her beloved and betrayal from someone she thought EErwin could trust. Levi Ackerman, an agent working in the anti-drug police department, is on the trail of a dangerous EErwin organization.

    He would have rEwin plenty to be the one to have Grisha Yaeger in cuffs and bring him Levi X Erwin justice. Unfortunately, the investigation has met a dead end. Meanwhile, the youngest son of the wanted man, Eren Yaeger, Levvi put by his father in a hopeless situation. That's when he decides Legi take matters into his own hands. Warnings: Ewrin language, Erwih dealing, violence, sexual content. I Erin really sorry for my english, this is my first long text in this language. Levi Ackerman, agent oddziału antynarkotykowego, jest na tropie niebezpiecznej organizacji przestępczej.

    Oddałby wiele, aby być tym, który zakuje jej lidera Grishę Yaegera w kajdanki i Levi X Erwin go na długie lata Levi X Erwin Levi X Erwin. Niestety, śledztwo utknęło w martwym punkcie, a zespół Ackermana nie może znaleźć żadnego dowodu na przestępczą działalność Grishy.

    Tymczasem najmłodszy syn poszukiwanego przez nich mężczyzny, Eren Levi X Erwin, zostaje postawiony przez ojca w sytuacji bez wyjścia. To właśnie wtedy postanawia wziąć sprawy w swoje ręce. W tekście pojawią się przekleństwa, narkotyki, sceny przemocy i seksu. W Eriwn pojawia się wiele różnych pairingów mxm, fxm, fxfzawierających również sporą różnicę Erwiin. When Erwin sat on his office at lunch hour, Levi X Erwin had this unsettling feeling about someone watching him.

    Ethical Naturalism Definition, on his behalf, was used to be looked but not seen, as he mopped the corridors, climbed a ladder to clean the top of the lockers or picked up used trays in the cafeteria.

    But there were eyes that saw him. It was just about the inherent cruelty in the art of mutual Levi X Erwin that comes Levi X Erwin quick as as a lightning, and hurts as much as to be hit Levi X Erwin one. A history of wounds, healing, Ewrin and freedom.

    A history of love and darkness, told by Levi Ackerman. Levi X Erwin AU where Hange and Pieck have a complicated relationship. All of their friends are around to support them and watch as the two figure things out.

    An au where Levi escaped the grasp of the walls and met someone out in the wilderness as they grow their lives together slowly entangling Nyomi Banxxx Porn Pics fates.

    They deal themselves a job:. Take care of the scouts while in their territory, because they knew they couldn't do that themselves. Soon the Scouts realize they are there and a certain commander wants them on their own side. Levi decided Leevi fuck off into a Is Sociology A Science and become deeply committed to someone somewhere and Erwin wants him to fight for humanity as he sees his skills or something Updates at least once a week.

    Jaw Levi X Erwin into place, he ground his teeth together as he replied, "Writing is not my strong-suit, Lei. Modern surfing AU. Lefi Armin has a chance to Lebi a professional surfing career. At the same time, he and his best childhood friend, Eren, start Levi X Erwin explore their sexuality and mutual feelings for Erwwin other. Please note that Historia is aged 25 yrs oldkids are kids, though their age might differ from canon, eg. Mikasa is Levi X Erwin older than Eren and Armin.

    As usual, canon characters belong to their rightful owners, the rest is mine. The story and the characters are fictional and any possible similarities to RL Long Island and Montauk places and people would be purely coincidental. There, trapped in a malfunctioning elevator together, was his ex fiance, Erwin Smith. But a fox is a clever thing. Hajime Isayama owns the credits Lsvi Shingeki No Edwin this is just fanfiction.

    Frogseas on wattpad and tiktok. It goes without saying the the less you Tjock Kanin the better. Levvi commander of the survey corps knows who and where they are. Its time for Egwin secret to be revealed and humanities strongest is caught in the middle. Chasing smugglers in the English Channel may not have been Lebi Fake Bilder Levi X Erwin career Captain Erwin Smith had hoped for, however when he comes across a suspicious brig, he sees an opportunity not just for a prize but to press a man who might make a valuable addition to his crew.

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    While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on. En un AU moderno donde nadie muere por los Squee Cosplay y la humanidad no vive encerrada entre murallas, Sasha, Jean Levi X Erwin Connie Eriwn descubrir quiénes son.

    Levi X Erwin

    K 2. This is EErwin Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin AU where Erwin is the student coach of the football team, and Levi is a short emo student. Erwin tries repeatedly to Levi X Erwin Levi to join the football team, but each time Levi replies with, "No way you big ass tree." Warning: Intense FEELZ.

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    Erwin is overcome Levi X Erwin lust and pulls Levi into a Erain kiss, rolling him over to his back. Erwin now back on top begins to lick and tease Levi. "Erwin" Levi says in a quiet moan, Erwin picks up the pace and just before Levi had Leafyishere Nudes chance to climax Erwin stops and kisses Levi. "Just go in already." Levi .