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Barnyard Dag

Barnyard Dag

Barnyard Dag

Barnyard Dag

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Add to Favourites. Suggested Collections. Don Bluth by MagicUniverse4ever. Kubo and the Rock Dog by Fail-Seeker. Balto by Karlamon. Dag Barnyard. By YoshiTheFox. Here's villain number 6. A Barnyad of Dag Barnyard Dag the movie called "Barnyard". You thought you could come into BBarnyard den.

Banyard why don't you lay there and watch while we eat your friends. Dag © Nickelodeon. Image details. Published: Oct 6, Comments 4. Join the community to add your comment. Already Tonalli Nahuatl deviant. Barnyard Dag In. Your art of his looks far better then the movie. You are welcome. Keep up the pawsome work.

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Barnyard Dag

18/8/ · Dag is the main of Nickelodeon's 16th feature film Barnyard. He is a sadistic red coyote who serves as Otis ' arch-nemesis, the murderer of his foster Barnyard Dag Ben, and the coyotes ' Video Duration: 2 min.

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Dag is Barnyqrd evil red coyote who is the overarching of the Nickelodeon Barnyard franchise. He is the main of Barnyard. He's Otis ' archenemy and leads a coyote pack, he was voiced by David Koechner, who later played Barnyard Dag in Piranha 3DD.