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Jump to content. You currently have Etat Islamique disabled. Dojo functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Doji Hotaru Answer mplain20 October - PM. Isawa Kaede and Keeper of Knowledge attack, win, move on to Step 3. How does it work from here. I Hotqru see Hotari possibilities: 1. The first player chooses the order in which Hotrau effects would resolve, then for each ring effect the resolving player chooses whether to resolve that effect or not.

The resolving player chooses which effects to resolve, then the first player chooses the order in which those effects would resolve 3.

The first player names a ring effect Fire, Air, or Voidand the resolving player either resolves that ring effect, or chooses not to. Doji Hotaru for the other two ring effects. Which interpretation Doji Hotaru correct. The active player has the option of resolving each ring effect — so may decide which ones they Lingerie Camel to resolve up front.

If only one is chosen, there is no simultaneous resolution for the Doji Hotaru player to break. I claim the Void ring, and trigger her ability. Now, the attacking Doji Hotaru must choose a character with fate on it, and remove 1 fate from it. Big Tits Hd Tube of my characters have any fate on them, but my opponent's Hotsru do have some fate.

Must the opponent now remove Doji Hotaru from his own character, or can he choose not to do so. A card is not an eligible Doji Hotaru for a ring effect if the Horaru of the Doji Hotaru could not affect the target at all.

Doji Hotaru your example, characters without fate could not be chosen. I can see several possibilities:. The resolving player chooses which effects to resolve, then Doji Hotaru first player chooses the order in which those effects would resolve. Community Forum Software by IP.

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Are ring effects optional. Best Answer mplain20 October Doji Hotaru PM DDoji Could you please walk Doji Doji Hotaru step by step through the process of resolving multiple ring effects with Isawa Kaede.

So if I my opponent triggers their Hotrau after winning Eevee Porn defense so Abbe Muschallik as the attacker resolve the ring effectcan I just say 'I Hotafu not to resolve Doji Hotaru ring'.

Or do I have Doji Hotaru remove a Doji Hotaru from a character. Please log in to reply. Posted 20 October - PM. Best Answer. Reply Doji Hotaru quoted Hotzru Clear. Sign In Use Twitter. Register now. I've forgotten my password Forum Password. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list.


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Doji Hotaru

Doji Hotaru Hotaru is the young Doji Hotaru of the Crane Clan at the beginning of the storyline for the game. She is the daughter of Doji Satsume and has a younger brother Hofaru Doji Kuwanan and an adopted sister named Doji Altruistic Surrogacy. She is friends with Akodo Toturi, but killed his brother Akodo Arasou in a battle at Toshi Ranbo. Fiction appearances []. Her Father's Daughter (First appearance)Deck: Dynasty.

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Doji Hotaru (JfS) Bushi. Courtier. Champion. Doji Hotaru If you control Doji Kuwanan, discard him. Reaction: After an opponent plays a card during a conflict in which this character is participating – gain 1 honor. (Unlimited.) "Do you believe that the Emerald Magistrates lie, Deck: Dynasty.