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Sorel Georges

Aug 26,  · Georges Sorel, in full Georges Eugène Sorel, (born Geoorges 2,Cherbourg, France—died August 30,Boulogne-sur-Seine), French Sorel Georges and revolutionary syndicalist who Consc Net an original and provocative theory on the positive, even creative, role of myth and violence in the historical process. Sorel was born of a middle-class family and trained as a civil engineer.

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May 14,  · Sorel, Georges. WORKS BY SOREL. SUPPLEMENTARY BIBLIOGRAPHY. Georges Sorel, French political thinker, was born in Cherbourg in and died in Boulogne-surSeine, near Paris, in A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, he was a successful engineer in the government department of Fonts Sorel Georges Chaussees until.