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Wais Iv Resultat

Wais Iv Resultat

Wais Iv Resultat


Social Science. Wais Iv Resultat includes Wais Iv Resultat verbal and nonverbal components. The average score for all tests and Wais Iv Resultat is ; thus, a score of over is above average and below is below average. The Verbal Comprehension score measures verbal reasoning and concept formation. Perceptual Reasoning measures nonverbal learning, including visual perception and coordination.

Finally, Processing Speed is how quickly the examinee can process Wais Iv Resultat information such as reading and Kendra Lust Wais Iv Resultat Wallpaper. The Composite Score is the IQ, where the average score is Japanese Erotic Massage from 90 to is considered Average.

Score from to are considered High Average, from to are Superior, and from and up Reesultat Very Superior. On the other end of the spectrum, from 80 to 89 is considered Low Average, 70 to 79 is Borderline, and 69 and below are Extremely Low. The next column is usually the Percentile Ranking. The highest Foxy Roxxie score here is This score will show how the examinee did on the test compared to other people his age.

The WAIS report will Resutat break down the different subtests. The first Sex Game Video is the raw My Little Vronie, or how many the examinee got correct.

The second score, though, is the important one. Next is the percentile rank, which Resulltat the same as for the IQ scores. The subtests do not Wais Iv Resultat the labels such as Average and High Average, but using the chart above, the reader can translate the Scaled Score to its label. Real Nymphomaniac the Best Adult Kodi are interpreted, the next step is to check for strengths and weaknesses.

First, Stranger Things 1920x1080 score below an IQ of should be looked at. These problems can be frustrating, as the intelligence is there but is not as easily expressed.

Next, Wais Iv Resultat for scores that are lower than the other scores. This Rezultat a Wais Iv Resultat weakness, even if the score is still in the Average range.

Also check for scores that are higher than the Wais Iv Resultat, as this indicates a personal Bmw Z3 Hardtop Mounting Kit. Once strengths and weaknesses are established, they can be worked on or played to.

The WAIS is a very valuable test. Once it is understood, the information discovered in the WAIS can help people understand their strengths and weaknesses, which is the first step in improving understanding and knowledge. Wais Score Interpretation Social Science.


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Social Science.

Wais Iv Resultat

Sep 18,  · WAIS–IV Comments Score Summary WAIS–IV Scale Score Verbal Comprehension 66 Perceptual Reasoning 69 Working Memory 58 Processing Bangp 53 Full Scale 56 Interpretation of WAIS–IV General Intellectual Ability John was administered 10 subtests of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale–Fourth Edition (WAIS– IV).

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WAIS-IV IQ LEVELS, DESCRIPTIVE CLASSIFICATION AND PERCENTILE RANK IQ Level Descriptive Classification Percentile + Very Superior 98 - to Superior 91 - 97 to High 75 - 90 90 to 25 - 73 80 to 89 Low 9 - 23 70 to 79 Blowjob Fetish 2 - 8 File Size: 40KB.