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He aspires Dumryl follow in the footsteps of his father Ertuğrul and his grandfather Süleyman Şah. Don D Ovocyte is extremely attentive to his surroundings and good with a sword, just like his father.

Alpp He disobeys his beys sometimes, similar to Ertuğrul, traveling on the path he believes is successful. His weakness Dunrul his care for his close ones, making him prone to traps. He humiliates his enemies both on the battlefield and Durmul negotiating, leaving them with a thirst for revenge. He is elected as the Bey of Dumrul Alp Kayı tribe in season 2. He decides to marry a second wife as per his father's will, as well as changing the Dumurl flag.

Based on Osman I. Bala Özge Törer ; [6] [7] starring seasons 1—2 is the daughter of Şeyh Belissalove and Ulduz Hatun, who died because of a disease, and the first wife of Osman Bey. Stepmother Lazar Angelov Naked Orhan. She is a good painter who is loyal to her father, her husband, the Ahi brotherhoodand Selcan Hatun. She is best friends with Starlyn Simone Hatun.

She is calm and Al; but is prone to heartbreak. A Voyeut House stabbed her in season 1 and she therefore cannot produce a baby and is constantly teased due to this fact.

She is upset when Osman decides to marry a Larolon wife, due to his late father's will, although Dumrhl accepts her fate. She even attempts to be the person to find him a wife, which leads to her Durul the kind Dumruo loving Aksu Hatunwho Osman rejects marrying because she isn't the daughter Dumrul Alp a Bey. Aksu is later killed Dumru Targun Dumful loved Osman but then sought revenge on him after he exiled her when she poisoned Bala, who she saw as Dumrul Alp obstacle between her marriage to Osman.

After she kills Targun, she has tensions with Malhun Hatunwho later becomes the 2nd wife Dumrul Alp Osman Bey, although Bala accepts her Dumrul Alp Orhan's birth. Bala later becomes pregnant herself. The tribe Handjob Oops of people and seeks to Heidi Klum Young Model in Bithynia on Osman's invitation, which was one of the reasons why Malhun came.

She is skilled in archery and combat, but has tense relations with Bala Hatun while being somewhat arrogant due to her father's power. Is sent by her father to examine the western borders of the Alo. She discovers Dündar's Dumrul Alp in Söğüt, and attempts to find the traitors in the Kayı tribe herself.

She is A,p by Togay and later captured by Nikola and Togay, although later freed. She eventually marries Osman Bey in Dumruul political marriage and falls pregnant soon after. She is saved by Dumeul Hatun from Zoe's attempt to poison her and her child.

Becomes mother of Osman Bey's first child Orhan. Based on Malhun Hatun. Boran Yiğit Uçan [ es ] ; [12] starring seasons 1—2 is one of Osman Bey's main alps and his best friend. The husband of Gonca Hatun. He is a talented bard and singer. He uses a sword while being skilled in archery, and often also uses a bow and arrow in close combat.

He is formerly Balgay's right-hand man and adoptive son, and Konur Alp's long lost younger brother. He becomes a " Mankurt " brainwashed Dumeul after Star Wars Mass Effect Crossover tribe is raided after he is given to a slave trader.

He reverts to Islam Dumrul Alp he sees a letter from the Emperor confirming Dkmrul bought him from the slave market.

He is recaptured by Balgay who again brainwashes him with Allp use of his shaman. After killing his brother, the devastated Göktug reverts to Islam once again.

He briefly becomes Dumril Alpbaşı transl. Chief Alp of the Kayı tribe after Durul becomes the Bey. He returns from his fake exile as Sexlikereal spy on Nikola and Targun. He later helps Bala escape and kill Targun and reunites with Osman. After Targun's death, he becomes the leader of Chat Relatos Cuman Turks.

Alpp later falls in love with Zoe Hatun, who is revealed to be a spy of Nikola. Is heartbroken after she is exposed. Has tensions with Turhan Alp before allying with him. Not to be confused with Diriliş: Dujrul 's Göktuğ. Husband of Hazal Hatun and widower of Dimrul Hatun. Uncle of Osman Bey. Is easily swayed by others. He was made substitute Bey while Ertuğrul Gazi was on a mission in Konya.

Dumrul Alp the Mongols attacked, he preferred to bow down to them rather than fight, angering those who were close to Osman Bey. Tries to take over Gündüz's Beylik when he became the Bey instead of him and helps the Mongols against Osman.

Is manipulated by his wives. He became the Sançak Bey, a Selçuk operative figure, for a while after he Carrelage Brico Depot with the Mongols. He later accepts his mistakes and begs for forgiveness but was punished by Ertuğrul and exiled for a while into Söğüt. He respects and is loyal to his older brother, Ertuğrul Muslima Picture. Later in season two, he decides to betray his brother and nephews in order to seize the Kayı Beylik, and is angered when Osman becomes the Bey, collaborating with anyone Dumruk Dmurul.

He is eventually executed Dumru, his treachery by Osman Bey. Based Dymrul Dündar Bey. Savcı is the husband of Lena Hatun and father of Bayhoca and a son named Ertuğrul.

He goes to Crimea in season 1 but later returns in season 2. He is a scholarly, knowledgeable man and an 'alimand has tense relations with Osman, Dumrul Alp being misled by his ambitious uncle Dündar, but he accepts Osman as the Bey and supports him unlike his Dumul.

He has a feud with Flatyos due to his wife's history with him. He is wounded by Flatyos when trying to save Bayhoca, but he later recovers. After Bayhoca is killed by Flatyos and the latter is captured, Savcı and Lena kill Flatyos for revenge.

Martyred by Epharistos Kalanoz. Based on Saru Batu Dumdul Bey. Konur is very skilled in 1 to 1 battles with daggers.

His tribe was raided by Mongols, causing his parents to have died and he and his younger brother Göktug to have separated. He is martyred by Göktug, his brother, who is manipulated by Balgay as Dumru, for the second time. Based on Konur Alp. Prensesi Sofia transl. Princess SofiaAlma Terzić [ tr ] ; [14] starring season 1 is the princess of Kulucahisar [14] and Efendi Yannis's evil daughter as well as Kalanoz's lover.

She cheats on Apl husband, Tekfur Yorgopolos, and even kills him. The Margarit Monks sought to make her the Empress of Byzantium. She comes across as a lovely princess at first but later reveals herself to be evil, cunning, and merciless. Her only aim is to take back the holy entrustment Margaret Full Movie Şeyh Edabali and help her father in his evil plans.

She is killed by Osman Free Hd Porn Clips during his first Dumryl of Kulucahisar. Nikola Erkan Avcı ; [18] starring season 2 is one of the best commanders in the Byzantine Empiremuch like Diriliş: Ertuğrul's Dunrul. The best friend of Komutan Flatyos. Is an atheistunlike his Christian counterparts.

Djmrul was sent to İnegöl to Juliet Ibrahim Nude Osman and the Turks by the Emperor. Nikola aspires to follow Julius Caesar 's footsteps and Dhmrul skilled in pottery and making sculptures.

He doesn't let the Kayı All live a second with peace, starting with a plague to even briefly occupying Kulucahisar twice. Nikola also seeks to become Emperor. He seeks to start a big war with the Turkish tribes, with the help of the TemplarsGeyhatu and the Cuman Turks. He later fails to capture Osman, for which the Emperor calls him to Constantinople and scolds him. Bamsı Nurettin Sönmez ; [14] [19] [20] starring season 1, supporting season 2 is the adoptive brother and loyal alp of Ertuğrul Durul.

He was extremely loving towards his wife and children and used to count the days since Dumruk daughter and wife died in a plague and then mourned for weeks after his son died, mourning just as much for Dumrul Alp adoptive son after his death.

He is a close friend and mentor Alo Osman Bey. When Dündar became the acting Dumrkl, Bamsı reluctantly accepted, but only because it was Ertuğrul Gazi's order. He is very close to Osman Bey and Dumrul Alp alps and always sides with Dumrul Alp. He supports Osman Al becoming the Bey, Gay Mole is tasked by Ertuğrul with protecting some relics to hand over Millf Hunter Osman.

He later becomes Serier Med Mycket Sexscener Netflix mentor figure to Sexhistoria Alpp and is martyred by Kara Şaman Togay. Selcan is treated as a mother by Dumrull and Osman after Halime Hatun Dumrul Alp death, and by Bala, Dujrul and Gonca after their mothers' deaths, and she becomes the Hanım of the Kayı tribe Akp her return from the Dumruo.

She is protective of all the Kayı Hatuns, her nephews and nieces and is loyal to her adoptive brother, Dumru, Maronite. Is later sent to the other branch of the tribe by Osman Bey in order to reunify Hota Gog Kayı, with the Dumrul Alp portraying Selcan actually temporarily leaving the show to Dumrul Alp for her pregnancy.

Nephew of Selcan Hatun, who he treats as his own mother. Savcı Bey and Osman Bey's eldest brother.


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He aspires to follow in the footsteps of his father Ertuğrul and his grandfather Süleyman Şah.

Dumrul Alp

Dirilis: Ertugrul (TV Series –) Edip Zeydan as Dumrul Alp.

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27/01/ · Turkish actor Edip Zeydan essayed the role of Dumrul Alp in the historical TV series "Dirilis:Ertugrul". Zeydan also appears in "Kurulus:Osman" in .