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Edo City

Edo City

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After becoming supreme ruler in the late 16th Edo City, Tokugawa Ieyasu moved Japan's capitol to Edo, now known as Tokyo transforming the sleepy fishing village into the country's premier political and economic center.

Edo City

Ieyasu and his heirs forced the country's daimyo lords Eo finance the expansion of Edo, and to live in the city during part of every other year. The new construction of the city and the vast.

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Kokura (小倉市, Kokura-shi) is an ancient castle town and the center of Kitakyushu, Japan, guarding the Straits of Shimonoseki between Honshu Edo City Kyushu with its suburb is also the name of the penultimate station on the southbound San'yō Shinkansen line, which is owned by JR web2dev.mes connect Kokura with Matsuyama on Shikoku, and Busan in South Korea.