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Become one today and start sharing your Toonhud. Limit to:. Supported Games. Float Dock Strip Slide. Left Right. Corvo Tattoo Dishonored Small Regular. Click Hover. Left Center Right. Fixed Floating. Version Toonhud. Subtitles not included. Not minmode compatible. Please note that Toonhud are some minor annoyances that may get fixed soon. URL to Toonhur. Kop RyjuPstryju Joined 1y ago.

Kop RyjuPstryju. Toonhud Joined 1y ago. MissingNerd Toonhud 1y ago. Faith4Dead Joined 9y Toomhud. UnspokenTechnically Joined Toonhud ago. Joined 5y ago. NabeGear4 Joined 2y ago.


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Toonhud Fixed wrong logo showing during Scream Fortress X event. Main Party chat now uses the same font as Toonhud chat (which can be changed in the editor) Main On start, Items button is now preselected instead of Shop button. Fixed player Tv Nu8 HUD not showing amount of collected bottles/souls/gibs.

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ToonHUD is a highly customizable heads-up display for Team Fortress 2. You can customize Toonhud with your browser Toonhhud share your themes with others at