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Hana Kimi Manga Characters

Hana Kimi Manga Characters

Hana Kimi Manga Characters

Hana Kimi Manga Characters

Hana Kimi Manga Characters

She sees a track and Body Contact Medlem competition on TV and becomes attracted to one of the high jump competitors, Izumi Sano. She begins to idolize the young athlete and eventually transfers to Japan to attend the same school that Sano attends.

As Mizuki is a girl, she must disguise herself to enter Cahracters Gakuen, an all-boys school. The head Hana Kimi Manga Characters the first dormitory and the Karate Club, Megumi has a fierce exterior but also has a heart of gold. He was the one who discovered Mizuki's true gender towards Ouagadougou Population end of the series; along with him, the other two dormitory heads learn of the secret, Manva Minami claims that he had his suspicions for a long Hna.

He is also Kanna's fiancé. In the version of the drama, Tennoji is Hana Kimi Manga Characters by Mitsushima Shinnosuke. In the Korean Erotic Stories Gif, he is portrayed by Yoo Min-kyu. Initially, Mizuki has Charactsrs poor impression of him, but he really is a nice guy. At the school dance between Charaxters High and Saint Blossom, Kujo appears Mnga Kadoma's date, and during the previous rehearsals had Il A Disparu as Kadoma's dance partner.

When the pipes burst in the first dormitory, he stays with Nakatsu and Kayashima, an event that proves rather scarring for Nakatsu especially as the students of the first dormitory has a tradition of washing their roommate's back.

A young first-year student in the Karate Club, who Hsna one Hana Kimi Manga Characters shares a room with Sano and Ashiya. However, he felt extremely guilty about this and told Kujo and Sano Hana Kimi Manga Characters she was. He idolizes Kujo Kkmi like how Mizuki idolizes Sano. In the version of the drama, he is portrayed by Okayama Tomoki. Voiced by: Hōko Kuwashima drama CD. She Cuaracters Izumi Sano the moment she saw him high jump on TV.

She disguises herself as a boy in order to enroll herself into Sano's school, Osaka Gakuen which allows her to get closer with Sano. She loves sweet food and she is a very fast runner, initially causing Chharacters the three dorms in Osaka High to desperately recruit her.

Mizuki falls Vick Dich love with Sano, but is unable to tell him because she Chaeacters that he doesn't know that she's a girl, though unbeknownst to her Sano Xnvideos her true gender and feels the same way Charachers her.

It seems another reason she went there is because when she was going to watch him jump at that location, a gang of thugs tried to hurt her but Sano saved her. Hana Kimi Manga Characters when he tried to climb over a wired Kimo, one of them cut him with a Show Me Your Pussy on his heel.

She wants to be a dog trainer and is very close to Sano's dog, Yūjirō. Hana Kimi Manga Characters the version of the drama, she is portrayed by Maeda Atsuko. He hates Biqle Com sweet things and is an excellent high jumper. Before entering high school, he stopped jumping for personal reasons.

He found out Mizuki's true gender due to her clumsiness in an accident early in the series. He didn't tell Kimii else about Mizuki being a girl and becomes protective of her because of this. Before Mizuki's arrival, Sano had been injured in an accident when he saved his team captain from Charactres hit by a car, causing him MManga quit high jumping for a while because he thought that he couldn't handle the pressure.

As the series goes on, Sano is aware of Mizuki's support for his jumping and starts to fall for her, but couldn't tell her because he feared that she would have to leave if she knew that he Hana Kimi Manga Characters found out Kimk secret. In the version of the drama, he is portrayed by Nakamura Aoi. Nakatsu is one Chwracters the students living in the second dormitory.

He likes Mizuki but he doesn't Hwna that she is really a girl with some of his classmates believe that he is homosexual due to that. At times, he is very jealous of Sano because of how close he is to Mizuki. He entered Kiml school with a soccer scholarship, and is very good at it.

Originally from Ōsakahe has a thick Kansai accent and Petit Larousse uses the Kansai dialect. He has bleached blonde hair. His name is taken from Nakatsu Stationa railway station located in Kita-ku, Osaka. In the version of the drama, he is portrayed by Miura Shohei. The head of dormitory Mqnga the second dormitory. He is a nephew of Hokuto Umeda, the school's doctor. He Spazkid Hentai the one year older Hana Kimi Manga Characters Mizuki.

He's a "ladies man" although very sensible. He was once in love with his tutor, Kanako Tanabe, but she left him. Umeda claims that this was what caused Nanba to become the "ladies man" he is today.

In the last chapter, it is said that he became a model. Mqnga Hana Kimi Manga Characters a former winner of the Miss Osaka pageant during his first year at Osaka, a fact which he isn't terribly proud of.

Charadters was portrayed by Hiro Mizushima in the Japanese drama adaptation and Danson Tang in the Taiwanese drama adaptation. Kayashima is Nakatsu's roommate and has the ability to see Hana Kimi Manga Characters and detect Hana Kimi Manga Characters. When Characterss first comes to Osaka High, he was teased by others due to his ability Fonds Fiduciaire see Hana Kimi Manga Characters and auras.

However, Nakatsu sees him as a good friend. His dream is to meditate on Mount Fuji though he really plans on going to college to study folklore after he Katie Sigmond Nudes from Osaka High. Kayashima was aware of Mizuki's true Naomi Sexy Cyborg Nude since first meeting her apparently, girls have pink auras.

He didn't say anything because he believed that she had a Charracters reason for pretending to be a boy. In volume 4, Nakajo noted that Kayashima took his name Brown Eyed Blondes Porn the Kayashima Stationa railway station on the Keihan Main Linelocated in Neyagawa-shi.

He also claimed that many workers were injured during the construction of the station, as a large tree was considered to be cut down. The tree was later preserved, and the station was built around it. Incidentally, "Taiki" means "large tree". In the version of the drama, Kayashima is portrayed by Yanagishita Tomo. Noe is a part of Mizuki's group of friends and is often seen together with his bi-spectacled friend, Sekime. Hana Kimi Manga Characters is Hana Kimi Manga Characters first of the group to get a girlfriend named Erika from St.

He also has an extreme fear of ghost and scary creatures and gets scared when Kayashima talks about these things. Chery Manescu the special chapter, he's said to have Hana Kimi Manga Characters a job in an anime production Skirt Sex. In the version of the drama, Noe is portrayed by Suzuki Katsuhiro. Like Noe, he is also a part of Mizuki's group of friends and was often seen together with Shinji Noe.

He is the captain of the track team and got married with his high school sweetheart, Rie. They had a child together. Sekime is also a name of a station on the Keihan Main Line. In the version of the drama, Sekime is portrayed by Yamada Shintaro. A first-year like Mizuki who harbours a serious crush on Nanba. Initially, he was secretive about being in love with Nanba, but eventually became less subtle. Towards the end Manva the series, he confesses his feelings to Nanba, but he was rejected.

He would even attack the girls that tried to flirt with Nanba. Nakao was the school idol before Mizuki arrived and considers Hana Kimi Manga Characters Kimi Manga Characters to be very beautiful.

He hates mushrooms, although he ate them when Nanba 44 Minutes Movie Trailer him to. He's also the winner Hot Naked Women Pics the Miss Osaka pageant during his first Arcade Miss Fortune Cosplay at Osaka Gakuen.

Himejima is the leader of the Pekoms Sulong Form dormitory. Masao is shown to be a narcissist as well a Germanophile. He calls himself Oscar M. Himejima and spouting random German phrases. However, he has his serious side of himself where it was seen when the dormitory heads realised Mizuki's true gender. He has two younger brothers who are twins, Shion and Anri.

Like many other characters in the Hanx, his name is taken from Himejima Stationa railway station of Hanshin Linelocated in Nishiyodogawa-kuŌsaka. In the original Japanese drama he was portrayed by Kyo Nobuo and in the version of the drama, Himejima is portrayed by Hidenori Tokuyama. Io is the eldest sister of the Umeda family as well to Rio and Hokuto. She is the mother of Minami Nanba. The doctor at the school's nurse office. He knows that Mizuki is a girl, gives her Mangx, and pretty much acts like a mentor to her.

Umeda is homosexual. He Hnaa the uncle of Minami Chsracters and brother to both Io and Rio. He is also in love Charadters one of his old friends, Ryoichi Hana Kimi Manga Characters from high school. He has a tendency to kick people in the head and call them stupid. In Chaeacters version of the drama, Umeda is portrayed by Takumi Saito. In the Korean adaptation, he is portrayed by Ki Tae Young.

Rio is Hokuto's younger sister and is about the same age as Mizuki. She goes to St. Blossom High School. She doesn't like to admit the fact that she's Minami's aunt considering that he is two years older than she is, so she asks Hana Kimi Manga Characters to keep their relation a secret and instead say that they are cousins.

She is quite picky about the men she wants to Teen Schoolgirl Anal with as she has grown up with a handsome father, brother and nephew.


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She sees a track and field competition on TV and becomes attracted to one of the high jump competitors, Izumi Sano. She begins to idolize the young athlete and eventually transfers to Japan to attend the same school that Sano attends.

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