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Ima Firin Mah Lazer

Ima Firin Mah Lazer

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Ima Firin Mah Lazer

26/02/ · Shoop da Whoop, also known Topless Girls I'M A' FIRIN' MAH LAZER!!, is an macro and catchphrase series based on a frame from the anime series Dragon Ball Z of an edited, blackface depiction of the character Cell shooting a powerful laser stream. Origin. On September 2nd,the Dragon I,a Z episode "Hour of Temptation" aired in Japan. In the Ima Firin Mah Lazer, the character Cell fights .

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IMA FIRIN MAH Laxer. is the 3rd episode of TLOJA and the 4th video uploaded by TheJohnnyAlbertShow. IMA FIRIN MAH LAZER SUPER MARIO ADVENTURES!!. Mario (Japanese: マリオ Hepburn: Mario?, [ma.ɽi.o]) (English /ˈmɑːrioʊ/; Italian: [ˈmaːrjo]) is a fictional character in the Mario video Draftsex Porn franchise, created by Nintendo's Japanese video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto.

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