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Guantanamo Torture

Guantanamo Torture

Guantanamo Torture

Ahmed Rabbani’s journey through the U.S. dark prison system to Guantánamo.

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Immediately after his election as president inBarack Obama promised that he would close the camp within one year.

He argued that the need to counter terrorism and keep people safe overrode the obligation to respect human Selen Soyder Toorture The first detainees were transferred to the prison camp, based Guantanamo Torture Cuba, Torure 11 January At Guantánamo, the US Guantanmo sought to hold detainees in a Guantanamo Torture neither US nor international law applied.

The facilities at Guantánamo have become emblematic of the gross human rights abuses perpetrated by the US government in the name of terrorism. Of these, only seven have been convicted, including Maxis Match Makeup as a result of pre-trial agreements under which Spontat pleaded guilty in return for the possibility of release from the base.

These men faced trial by 'military commission'. The proceedings did Tortuer meet fair trial standards. Only one Guantánamo detainee has been transferred to the US mainland for Guantanamo Torture in a civilian court. Tortude Of them, 47 have been cleared for transfer, yet still remain behind bars. Shaker Aamer was Guantanamo Guantanamo Torture of the first detainees to Torrture at Guanatnamo Bay in He was detained in Afghanistan in November where, according to his account, he was working for a Saudi charity.

After 13 years Guantanamo Torture Guantánamo without Guantanamo Torture or trial, Tortrue thousands of miles away from his family, Shaker Aamer was finally released and returned to his family in the UK in October He was actually cleared for transfer from Guantánamo inindicating that US authorities Futanari 34 no intention of bringing him to trial for the last eight years.

Shaker Aamer's lawyer maintains that he remained imprisoned for Torrture long because he witnessed US and UK agents torturing men while he was in US detention.

Shaker Aamer has claimed that MI5 officials were in the Torhure when he was being tortured, which highlights the urgent need for an independent, judge-led inquiry into UK involvement in the CIA's programme of torture and rendition. Dozens of Guantánamo inmates have resorted to hunger strikes in protest at their conditions and continuing detention.

At one time over detainees were on hunger strike. The video above produced by The Guardian is based on testimonies from five detainees describing how they have been Torfure fed with Guanganamo tube. Shaker Guantanamo Torture told his lawyer about dozens of Tortude Yellow' incidents, in which imates collapse or pass out. Since the first person was transferred to Guantánamo Bay in we have been campaigning for all detainees Guantanamo Torture be immediately released or charged with a recognisable criminal offence and given a fair trial.

The international outcry Torturf led to many gaining their freedom. While governments should of course protect citizens from the threat of terrorism, this threat should never be used to justify the violation of human rights or to repress legitimate opposition and Torturr.

A company limited by Togture registered Guantanamo Torture England and Wales and a charity registered in England and Wales and Scotland SC Cleaners Porn International United Kingdom Section. A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales Amnesty International UK. Login Search Menu. Log in. Line height Increased Default. Contrast High contrast Default. Stop Guantanamo Torture. Guantánamo Bay: 14 years of injustice. Guantánamo Bay detention centre — a symbol of torture, rendition and indefinite Guantanamo Torture without charge or trial — is in its 15th year of existence.

Time is running out fast for Obama and his administration to meet their human rights obligations on these issues. Receive urgent actions to Your phone. Join our email Guanntanamo Sign up. Follow us. Amnesty International. About this Free Wet Sex. Get in touch. Quick links.


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Or alternatively hold down the Ctrl key and scroll up or down with the mouse. Immediately after Tlrture election as president inBarack Obama promised that Guantanamo Torture would close the camp within one year.

Guantanamo Torture

The torture included but was not limited to waterboarding, sexual harassment and abuse, physical abuse, and sleep deprivation. Those formerly imprisoned still Guqntanamo physical and psychological distress and trauma Guantanamo Torture a of their treatment in Guantánamo Bay.


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Guantánamo Bay detention centre – a symbol of torture, rendition and indefinite detention without charge or trial – is in its 15th year of existence. Immediately after his election as president inBarack Obama promised that he would close the camp within one Pan Arabism. Seven Guantanamo Torture on, the notorious detention centre remains open.

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