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Aimless Renegade

Aimless Renegade

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The Aimless Renegade. You have identified a couple of unwelcome rogues outside your present stronghold. They are in violation of your jurisdiction.

Aimless Renegade

Aimless Renegade, also goes by Authority Regulator, or Armaments Regent, AR for short. He is known, for his preferred liking to huge firearms and JUSTICE. Formally an of Aimless Renegade, AR's first scene during his proper introduction involves the Parcel web2dev.meted Reading Time: 4 mins.

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24/02/ · Aimless Renegade from Homestuck. 'Law is beauty. Order is peace' Aimless Renegade Download skin now. The Minecraft Skin, Aimless Renegade, was posted by Universal Skin 64x.