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Have you watched a lot of anime. Like a lot of anime. The bingo boards have been released!.

Anime Bingo

12/03/ · Anime Bingo I Anime Bingo do Aniem too often anymore (not cool enough), but I really enjoyed this one, which I first saw posted on Rise’s blog a couple of days ago. I know bingo card generators in general have been around for quite some time, but I found this anime one super quick to make and pretty fun to put together.

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23/12/ · Anime Trope Bingo. Anime Trope Bingo allows you and your friends to play Bingo while watching Anime. Rather than keeping track Anime Bingo called out numbers, ATB lets the user instead keep track of tropes they see in Anime. Users can "Roll" for a random anime conveniently available on a number of streaming web2dev.met Rating: Yasmin Scott.