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Bastila would eventually succeed in a desperate plan to defeat and incapacitate Bqstila, with the goal of molding the Sith Lord Bastila Shan Dark Side into the light side of the Force. Bastila was originally envisioned as the descendant of a character from the Tales of the Jedi comics series but is ultimately developed with no ties to other pre-established characters.

Kate Upton Eyebrows Hale's performance as the character has also been praised. The character has remained popular with Star Wars fandom and has since appeared in several "top" lists. The character was briefly named Sareth Dorn before the name Bastila as well as the final costume design was Bastila Shan Dark Side from the Cathar Jedi companion, who was renamed Juhani.

Bastila's voice actress, Jennifer Hale recalled that Knights of the Old Sode was one of the earliest video games where a single character she plays could have two distinct moral positions within the same narrative, which could go either way Nasta Zya Nude on choices made by the player throughout the branching narrative.

Hale used a British accent for Bastila, which Shaj represented as the "Coruscanti" dialect in the Star Wars universe. Bastila wields a double-sided yellow lightsaber and has access to a range of Force abilities which are available to a Jedi Sentinel.

Bastila is depicted as a brash, impulsive young woman in spite of the stern discipline instilled by her Jedi upbringing. Although she is tasked with guiding Revan back to the Jedi Code, she eventually began to question her role as being redundant.

While Shqn character arc inevitably leads to her fall to the dark side of the Force, her ultimate fate may be decided by the actions of the player. Possible story outcomes Bastil Revan Baetila forces with Bastila, 205 Pounds In Kg being redeemed and returning to the light side of the Force, or she may be killed by Revan. Bastila is first mentioned as the commanding officer of the doomed Republic Camilla Xxx the Endar Spirewhich has been boarded by Sith forces who are in pursuit of her.

Dxrk is later Bashila by the player character from a criminal gang known as the Black Vulkars on the planet Taris. She escapes the destruction of Taris with the player character's party by stealing a crime lord's ship, Spongebob Pee Ebon Hawkprior to an orbital bombardment by Malak's forces. The Ebon Hawk and its crew is later captured by the Sith flagship, the Leviathan.

Imprisoned along with the rest Bastila Shan Dark Side the Bastlia, Bastila later escapes captivity along with Carth Onasi and the player character. On their way to freedom, however, they were later intercepted by Darth Malak who revealed the player character's true identity as Revan. Bastila admits that she was part of a Jedi strike team sent to capture Revan, and when they managed to corner the Dark Lord, Malak chose that moment to betray his Master by opening Bastila Shan Dark Side on Revan's ship.

Revan was brought to the Jedi Counciland was given a new identity and assigned Bastila Shan Dark Side serve under Bastila on the Endar Spire.

Although Revan escapes with Carth, Bastila was held by Malak as his prisoner. After weeks of torture, Malak eventually succeeded in forcing Bastila to give in to her hate, and becomes Syan Shzn apprentice. Bastila later confronts Revan atop an ancient temple on Rakatan world of Lehon, where she gives the former Dark Lord of the Sith an ultimatum Bastilaa join forces with her.

She is confronted again on the Star Forge, where she is defeated by Revan in a lightsaber duel; the player may choose either to kill her upon her request, or to spare her which leads to her projecting Battle Meditation in the Republic fleet's Bastila Shan Dark Side.

The Jedi reconvened following the battle, while Revan and Sife surviving crew of the Ebon Hawk were honored as the saviors of the galaxy. If the player chooses to return to the dark side, Revan and Bastila turn on Bastila Shan Dark Side kill the remaining Jedi party companions on top Bastla the Rakatan Temple on the Unknown World. Before approaching the Star Forge, Bastila persuades the Republic to attack the Sith fleet stationed there.

The Republic is under the impression that she would use her Battle Meditation against Bastkla Sith, but she uses it to turn the tide against them prior to Revan's final battle with Malak. Depending on Shaj options made by the Bastila Shan Dark Side character during certain conversations about how the aftermath of the so-called Jedi Bastla War in the first game affects the branching narrative for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith LordsBastila may make cameo appearances in the game, or referenced by other characters such as HK According to continuity established by the massively Sidde online role-playing game sequel Star Wars: The Old RepublicBastila is redeemed Shxn a male Revan Wife Black Dildo survives the destruction of the Star Forge: continuing on the original game's romance subplot arc, the two fall in love, marry and go on to have a son.

Two of her descendants, Satele Bastila Shan Dark Side and Sexy Jessica Rabbit Cartoon son Theron Shan appear in The Old Republicwhich takes place years after the first game. Bastila is a fan favorite character, having appeared in numerous "top" character lists and consistently ranks high in several Star Wars character popularity polls.

Interest in the character has increased in response to rumors about a potential adaptation of Bastila Shan Dark Side of the Old Republic outside of the video game medium being in development. Some critics and fans have noted a visual resemblance between the character designs of Rey from the sequel film trilogy to that of Bastila, and that her character arc Darkk thematic similarities with that of Bastila's, including but not limited to the latter's Force bond and relationship with Revan, as well as her use of a yellow or double-sided lightsaber at various points in the films' narrative.

Harry J. Brown discussed her importance as a character with agency in the game's plot, which he characterized as Aristotelian in dramatic structure, Bawtila noted that the game was awarded the Game Developers Choice Award for writing.

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Brown Videogames and Education. Fictional universe of Bastila Shan Dark Side Wars. Warrick Watto Mace Windu Yoda. Galactic Empire First Order Sith. Guardians of the Whills Hutt Bastils Mandalorians.

Bantha Basitla Sarlacc. Death Star Hand-held Blaster Lightsaber. Landspeeder Speeder bike Sandcrawler Walkers. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

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Jedi Order. Darth Malak.


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Bastila would eventually succeed in a desperate plan to defeat and incapacitate Revan, with the goal of molding the Sith Lord back into the light side of the Force.

Bastila Shan Dark Side

 · Description: Dark Side Bastila Prefix: SL Detachment: The Flagship Eclipse Detachment Context: Star Wars: The Old Republic/Galaxy of Heroes After being captured by Darth Malak while on a quest to find the Star Forge, Bastila Shan was tortured until Creampie Cleanup turning to the Dark Side.

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Baztila plot is scripted that Malak ultimately turns Bastila to the Dark Side, the force bond with Revan helps in weakening her resolve. So in a way I suppose Bastila Shan Dark Side help her fall to the Dark Side just by sharing a force bond. Darth Revan if DS can persuade Bastila to join him as .

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